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The Smartest Bike Pedal Ever Made


How's that new fitness regime looking? Oiled your bike chain in preparation? Picked up some ill-fitting Lycra in the sales? If 2015 is going to be the year you get into cycling, there's a much smarter tool you'll want to invest in - a clever pedal. 

This is the Connected Pedal, a revolutionary (sorry) step in smart bike technology from Connected Cycle.

Humble in appearance, the Connected Pedal is packed with an array of GPS and GPRS tricks: as soon as the pedal starts to rotate, sensors activate and begin recording the bike's route. Inclines and speed are measured, providing the rider with a picture of just how hard they pushed themselves (or didn't) over their journey via an accompanying app. As data is contained within the pedal, you won't have to bring your phone with you on every ride to track your activity. There's no need to charge the pedal either, with all its power generated by the motion of pedalling. 


The tracking features also serve as a useful security feature: should anyone steal your bike, the app will tell you exactly where your ride has been taken - also coming in handy if you can't remember which lamppost you left it chained to. While the Connected Pedal can be installed without any specialist tools, you can only remove it after inputting a pre-set code on the app, so no one can try and pinch your new tech. 

Currently being shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas, the Connected Pedal is yet to receive a price or launch date. We'll let you know as soon as you'll be able to get your feet on them. 

(Images: Connected Cycle



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