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The Back To The Future DeLorean iPhone Case


We thought the light-up Batmobile phone case couldn't be beaten. But we were wrong.

Japanese company Bandai has unveiled its latest Crazy Caze, in the form of the Back To The Future DeLorean iPhone 6 case. Featuring incredible detail of the iconic DMC-12, as seen in the trilogy, it comes with wheels already in hover mode, with the front tyres having flip-out options in order to access the camera and side controls.

Best of all, when you receive an incoming call, the headlights and external car wires light up and blink; you'll be begging people to give you a ring.

What the video doesn't reveal, however, is whether moving at 88mph enables you to talk to people in the past or future; we'll just assume it does and declare this the greatest invention since the, er, telephone.

It's retailing at 5,940 yen (£32.62) and you can preorder yours now - delivery is expected in June.

Take a look at the demonstration video below as well as a selection of images.


BTTF iPhone Case
BTTF iPhone Case
BTTF iPhone Case
BTTF iPhone Case
BTTF iPhone Case
BTTF iPhone Case
BTTF iPhone Case
BTTF iPhone Case
BTTF iPhone Case
BTTF iPhone Case

[via Nerd Approved]

(Images: Crazy Case)



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