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Cone Thinking Music Player


Now stay with us here. This isn't another wireless speaker - this is a terrifying gadget from the future that knows what you like.

This is the Aether Cone, a music player that 'learns' your musical preferences. By connecting to your home wi-fi, the Cone syncs with your music streaming services (yet to be announced) and starts analysing your listening habits: Motown and classical in the morning? Gotcha. DJ playlists on a Friday from 7:00? Understood. Full albums only at the weekend? You cultured swine.

The Cone will then play music based on this knowledge, selecting what you want to listen without having to tell it. Aside from this freakish foresight, it's also beautifully simple to use: no wires, no Airplay pairing (although this is supported), tap the front of the speaker to play, again to pause, and twist the speaker grill to skip to the next track. Even more impressively, by touching the centre of the speaker you can tell the Cone an artist or track you might want to listen to.

It's a touch pricey at £240 ($399), but there's much more to the Cone than a rudimentary portable speaker. So long as it learns to never play Bieber, we're sold.

(Images: Aether)

(Via: Uncrate)



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