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Apple may block you from taking videos and photos at concerts

Hear that? It's the sound of millions of millennials blogging their rage at the news that Apple is working on a technology that could block them from filming at gigs. 

Okay - so it's not just millennials (it's mainly them - ruddy Snapchat), but such is the apparent desire from venues and fellow concert-goers to prevent audiences from photographing or recording a live performance that Apple has filed a patent for an infrared system that prevents smartphone cameras from working.



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Is your toy slowly poisoning you to death?

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02 Jun 2017

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An Israeli start-up claims it's going to go into production next year

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15 May 2017

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10 May 2017

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08 May 2017

New app will rebalance the London rental market in favour of landlords

Finally, the capital's hard-up property owners will get their due with Rentberry

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26 Apr 2017

This knife-toting robot playing stabby hand will make you nervous

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21 Apr 2017

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20 Apr 2017

The Tamagotchi is back

Great news for fans of neglecting responsibilities and watching tiny creatures literally shit themselves to death!

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11 Apr 2017

Self-healing smartphone screens could exist by 2020

Could it be curtains for shady smartphone repair stalls across Britain?

by Tom Mendelsohn
05 Apr 2017