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Polar bear steals all the wine and food from BBC film crew, leaves Marmite


Polar Bears aren’t half fussy eaters.

Already famed for refusing branded chocolate biscuits due to grievances over the packaging, it now transpires these fastidious predators aren’t much big on Marmite either.

Out filming scenes for David Attenborough’s The Hunt in the North Pole recently, a BBC film crew found themselves hunted – namely by a giant furry beast which ransacked their cabin twice – once while they were inside.

Unphased by the crew’s fleshy presence, the bear consumed almost every foodstuff it could get its paws on, including dried pasta and a box of red wine. Tellingly though, according to Sophie Lanfear, the Beeb’s Wildlife producer who was one of the muted onlookers, it left the Marmite well alone.

"When we got back we set off flares and were shouting and screaming to frighten him off but he was very blasé. It became obvious he wasn't scared, and with a broken door there was less protection between him and us,” she told Burton Mail.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

Well, apart from the pride of any Marmite fans.



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