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Donald Trump 'has delivered falsehood on every single one of his 33 days as President'


It may feel like we’ve already gone through four years of hell under Donald Trump, but in actuality it’s been just over four weeks. 33 days to be precise. 

And for every one of those days, he has given misinformation to the public. 

According to The Washington Post’s fact checker, which pretty much calls out all of Trump’s bullshit, the President has averaged out at four unfounded claims or misleading statements per day. 

The newspaper has committed to fact-checking everything the Commander in Cheetos says in the first 100 days of his tenure, and so far, just one third of the way through, they have noted 132 false or misleading claims.

washington post

Credit: The Washington Post

While twisting facts to suit policies isn’t really anything new, the extent to which Trump does it is shocking when you see it laid out in such stark numbers.

On his first day in office, he made seven (or more) misleading claims. Looking at the data, there have been four days which he has basically Pinocchio’d all the way through, accounting for 12 per cent of his entire time in the White House.  

He’s regurgitated more flat-out fibs than he has anything with any substance, and bases his rhetoric, and worryingly his decisions, off them. Recent example: “Look at what’s happening last night in Sweden...we need to keep our country safe”. Nothing happened last night in Sweden

Rather than just capslocking FALSE at the president, The Washington Post has also been debunking his tweets, explaining what he is referring to and why his statements are unfounded. 

Someone tell The Donald that competency is calling because they haven’t hung out in a while. 


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