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Doc Brown Is Back To The Present


Today is a good day – and the beauty of that statement is that whatever day you read it, it will be a good day. Genius. But today really is a good day because one of the heroes from our youth is back. In full effect.

That’s right, Doc Brown is back from the past. Heading to the future. Or the present. Oh, nevermind. What’s important is that he’s back. Why he’s back is, frankly, unexplained, but here he is in some advert in Argentina - see below.

Two Argentinians are casually chatting away on the street, when the iconic DeLorean drives straight into the electronics store Garbarino. The couple rush over to see Doc (Christopher Lloyd – slightly whiter of hair these days, but still suitably unhinged) clamber out and they start record everything on their mobile.

We’re not really sure what Doc is meant to be hawking (maybe he just fancied a good steak?), if he’s meant to be hawking anything at all. That’s not important. What is important is that he’s back. As we say today is a good day.

Come back tomorrow to read that sentence again.

(Image: YouTube)



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