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Salty watermelon Pepsi is an actual thing


As you might already be aware, a Japanese supermarket is a thrilling and terrifying place to be.

Showcasing flavours that the Western world wouldn't dare go near, it's an experience that could easily turn into either heaven or hell. Having tried wasabi Kit Kats, we can attest to the latter part of this statement.

This summer, Pepsi Japan is taking this inventive streak to the limit with a daring new flavour. "Salty Watermelon" is capitalising on a bizarre trend in Japan where people are known to sprinkle salt on watermelon to bring out the taste.

Pepsi Japan are known for their strange ideas. In the past they've released Pepsi White, which was infused with yoghurt, Pepsi Pink, which had a strawberry milk flavour and a rather disgustingly self-explanatory "Ice Cucumber" variation.

Would you be tempted to try Salty Watermelon Pepsi?



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