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The Man in the High Castle gets a haunting second season trailer

What if the Nazis had won World War Two? What if Hitler lived to old age and the US was split between Japan to the east and Germany to the west? What if there were a trailer for the second season of one of TV’s most unique shows to date?

Well at least we know the definite answer to one of these questions, with the first look at the second series of Amazon Originals' critically acclaimed Man in the High Castle, based on Philip K Dick’s novel of the same name.

Loaded with more twists and turns than a GoPro strapped to Lionel Messi's left boot, the first series brought this frighteningly dystopian ‘what if?’ to life in supremely confident fashion, abetted by some terrific acting from the likes of Rufus Sewell, playing the fittingly no-nonsense SS Obergruppenfuhrer John Smith.

Get primed for another alternate history lesson, because this trailer promises plenty.



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