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The 17 coolest films on Netflix


In need of some Netflix inspiration? In the mood for something that will make you feel just a little bit cooler?

Well, here you go. We've gone through every title currently available on UK Netflix and come up with the 17 coolest films to stream.

Any more ideas? Let us know at the bottom.

(Images: Rex Features, All Star)

The Thomas Crown Affair

Year: 1968

Starring: Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway

The epitome of late 60s cool, this effortlessly hip romantic crime caper, which received an equally stylish remake in 1999, dressed two of the hottest stars of the decade up in gear that would still look great now, utilised revolutionary spilt screens and boasted the timeless Windmills Of Your Mind as a theme. Oh and there's that chess scene...

Watch it here


The Blues Brothers

Year: 1980

Starring: John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd

Quite possibly the coolest musical ever, this cult classic did something rather rare: it took characters borne from Saturday Night Live and gave them a film worth watching and rewatching. The R&B-infused comedy has become a Rocky Horror-style late night cinema staple and we're choosing not to mention the sequel so don't ask.

Watch it here


Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Year: 1982

Starring: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Sean Penn

A more raucous alternative to some of the softer teen movies of the 80s (pretty much anything starring Molly Ringwald), Fast Times was the breakout film for director Amy Heckerling, who would later return to the teen genre with Clueless in 1995. Written by Cameron Crowe, it was an accurately drawn picture of high school life that was strangely panned at the time by critics. Which only makes it cooler.

Watch it here



Year: 1991

Starring: Richard Linklater, Kim Krizan

Before he broke out in Hollywood with School of Rock, Richard Linklater started on a much more lower key with this lo-fi indie, budgetted at a mere $23,000. A Sundance sensation, the almost plotless look at a mixed bag of, ahem, slackers, was believed to be the beginning of the 90s independent movie scene.

Watch it here


Reservoir Dogs

Year: 1992

Starring: Tim Roth, Harvey Kietel

Unless you were there, it’s difficult to envisage just how uncool suits were in the early 90s. Firstly acid house had heralded a freer, more relaxed mode of dress among the youth of the late 80s, and then the aforementioned grunge kids came along and were just content to raid the local thrift stores for sartorial (in)elegance. Until this came. Combining a magpie’s eye for pop culture with snappy dialogue and a suite of fully formed characters, it set a new benchmark for alternative cinema.

Watch it here


Pulp Fiction

Year: 1994

Starring: John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson

Unarguably one of the coolest films ever made, Quentin Tarantino's confident follow-up to Reservoir Dogs delivers iconic moment after iconic moment without stopping for breath. Flawlessly assembled, with a killer soundtrack and visual style, and showcasing Tarantino's knack for spot on casting, it's growing old gracefully. Oh and if you fancy making either the Big Kahuna burger or the $5 milkshake, we've totally got your back.

Watch it here



Year: 1996

Starring: Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox

As much as we might now blame it for the influx of inferior slasher films in the years after, it's worth remembering just how smart, funny and scary the original Scream is, even now. The talented cast, including a memorably doomed Drew Barrymore, deliver their knowing lines with aplomb and the blend of horror and dark comedy is perfectly balanced, which is no easy feat.

Watch it here



Year: 1999

Starring: Sarah Polley, Katie Holmes

Post-Swingers and pre-Bourne and Edge of Tomorrow, director Doug Liman tackled the challenge of three interconnecting stories in one film and delivered an underrated late night classic. A cast of young types sell drugs, lose drugs, take drugs and get into trouble. 15 years later, it's still feels fresh.

Watch it here


High Fidelity

Year: 2000

Starring: John Cusack. Jack Black

A rare romantic comedy from a guy's perspective, this journey through time, past loves and music effortlessly transported the Nick Hornby novel from London to Chicago, something considered sacrilegious to fans during development. John Cusack is genius casting while the film finally gave Jack Black a chance to break out big.

Watch it here


The Royal Tenenbaums

Year: 2001

Starring: Ben Stiller, Gene Hackman

Love him or loathe him, Wes Anderson's style is unmistakable. It's probably never worked quite as well as in this star-studded dysfunctional family comedy. The music, the visuals, the costumes, the casting, the script all compliment each other perfectly with the late Kumar Pallana providing the biggest laughs.

Watch it here


Ghost World

Year: 2001

Starring: Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson

Hard to really comprehend a time when Thora Birch was leading films while Scarlett Johansson was just her sidekick but that aside, Terry Zwigoff's smart and funny comic book adaptation deserves a rewatch. Like many films on the list, its coolness is achieved by truly capturing the spirit of a particular youth subculture, specifically geek girls.

Watch it here


Donnie Darko

Year: 2001

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone

While we're still scratching our head over exactly what happened in Donnie Darko, we're still undeniably impressed with what we experienced. And experienced is exactly the right word for this undefinable debut from the ridiculously young Richard Kelly, who made it at the age of 26. Damn him.

Watch it here

Or watch the Director's Cut here


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Year: 2004

Starring: Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet

One of the most original romances we've ever seen, this stunning blend of sci-fi, fantasy, comedy and drama deservedly nabbed its lead actress Kate Winslet an Oscar nomination. But while Winslet impresses, it's Jim Carrey who truly surprises with his muted turn as a withdrawn everyman.

Watch it here


Sin City

Year: 2005

Starring: Bruce Willis, Clive Owen

With the slightly underwhelming sequel recently in cinemas, refresh your memory with the striking original. The stylised comic book palette has since been done to death but it still managed to come off as fresh in this fast-moving and engaging collection of stories.

Watch it here


Black Snake Moan

Year: 2007

Starring: Samuel L Jackson, Christina Ricci

A similarly brash follow up from director Craig Brewer to his bold debut Hustle & Flow, this tale of a nymphomaniac who gets reformed by a religious ex-blues musician was sold with a provocative image of Christina Ricci chained up by Samuel L Jackson. But aside from the exploitation stylings, it's a surprisingly tender film about redemption.

Watch it here



Year: 2009

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart

Cleverly capturing that odd summer between graduating high school and starting whatever the hell you've chosen to do with the next few years of your life, this 80s-set comedy was a sweetly nostalgic treat. No one plays awkward quite as well as Jesse Eisenberg and the supporting cast, featuring Kristen Wiig and Ryan Reynolds, are a welcome bonus.

Watch it here


Frances Ha

Year: 2012

Starring: Greta Gerwig, Mickey Sumner

Give this one five minutes. After you get past the twee styling, there's a great deal to fall for in this black and white ode to friendship, your 20s and New York. Greta Gerwig's "still getting it together" lead is effortlessly charming and the film's depiction of hipster hypocrisy is spot on. Oh and the soundtrack is ace.

Watch it here



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