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Ricky Gervais needs to grow a pair in the first trailer for Netflix's Special Correspondents


Typical. You wait for a big Ricky Gervais project and then two come along at once.

Last week we saw the first posters for the BBC's David Brent movie, and now here comes the trailer for Gervais' much awaited Netflix feature film Special Correspondents

Written and directed by Gervais, he and Eric Bana play a pair of down-on-their-luck radio journalists, who pretend to be on the ground in Ecuador when they’re actually living in sweet safety above a restaurant in New York City.

Naturally, not all goes to plan and their stunt soon causes an international and diplomatic crisis, forcing the men to actually visit the South American nation for real and avoid doing jail time. To call them out of their depth would be an understatement

We hope they packed light.

Special Correspondents is on Netflix from 29 April



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