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Watch Keanu Reeves completely destroy a shooting range in this training clip

A video has been uploaded of Keanu Reeves in training for John Wick 2, simply titled “Keanu shredding”. Bit of an understatement.

This is what happens when every single combat skill is uploaded to your brain.

Keanu’s training (and perhaps with the help of previous work on the likes of The Matrix) is shaping up pretty nicely – the guy looks like a straight up monster behind the sight of a gun. He is seen easily switching between assault weapons and handguns, even firing a shotgun at one point.

No stunt double for John Wick 2 then – it absolutely looks like Keanu will be more than capable of doing his own shooting.

John Wick was one of the most entertaining action movies of the last few years, with a very, very anticipated sequel.

What do you need, besides a miracle? Guns. Lots of guns.



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