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Watch Creed for FREE with ShortList Film Club


Think Rocky could take Darth Vader in a fight? Sadly, it's a question that will never be answered. But what we do know is that he can go the distance better - making it to his seventh film, while Vader suffered a knockout in the sixth (we presume). Balboa is still on his feet, and stronger than ever in his latest showing: Creed (out 15 January). And you can see it for free, thanks to ShortList Film Club and Stella Artois.

We can't emphasise this point enough: Creed is really good, a perfect blend of nostalgia and renewal. It sees the illegitimate son of Balboa's nemesis/friend Apollo Creed - the brilliantly named Adonis (Michael B Jordan) - leave a comfortable life in Los Angeles for Philadelphia, to persue his dream of becoming a professional boxer.

There is, of course, only one man he wants to coach him in this quest, one slurring co-pilot on his journey to success. Sly Stallone turns in his finest ever - as the reluctant, stagnating, grieving Balboa. Subtle, moving, funny - it's award-worthy stuff. Really. 

So, don't duck the issue. Don't sidestep this opportunity. Go for the ol' one-two - and by the, we mean apply for one or two tickets to the six free screenings we're holding around the country. It'll be a belter of a show.

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