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All you need to know about forthcoming Stephen King movies


Any passing fan of either literature or cinema will know that Stephen King books are a natural fit for the big screen.

But while you might think that his large catalogue of novels have been well and truly exhausted, you'd be totally, embarrassingly wrong. Here's a look at the latest updates from ten of his most anticipated big screen outings.

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Last time we checked in with the blood-drenched prom queen she was helping Sissy Spacek score an Oscar nomination and cementing her place in horror history. Cut to 36 years, and one dodgy sequel, later and it's remake time with Kick-Ass star Chloe Moretz taking on lead duties with Julianne Moore starring as her ultra-religious mother. Filming on the modern-day retelling has just begun with Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Peirce behind the camera. Moretz has already likened it to Black Swan stating it'll be "darker and more psychological" than the original movie. Release date: April 12th 2013

The Eyes Of The Dragon

King's teen-skewed fantasy novel was a departure, at the time, from his traditional horror output and it might explain the 25 year journey it will have taken to the small screen. Yes, this one will be created for TV and more specifically, it'll be heading to SyFy for a whole season. After the massive success of Game of Thrones, they clearly believe that the good vs evil adventure, with dragons, will be of big appeal to viewers. The script is being written by Jeff Vintar (I, Robot) and Michael Taylor (Star Trek: Voyager). Release date: TBC 2013


Stephen King is pretty much entirely to blame for our total phobia of clowns. His chilling novel It and then the resulting miniseries in 1990 featured one of his most memorable and terrifying vilains: Pennywise. Hoping to scare a new generation, Jane Eyre director Cary Fukunaga is creating two movies based on the novel and up-and-coming screenwriter Chase Palmer is writing the script. It's also being co-produced by Jon Silk, who's involved in the forthcoming Ryan Gosling drama Gangster Squad. Release date: TBA 2013

Rose Madder

One of Stephen King;s toughest novels to adapt, this mix of domestic violence and Greek mythology was even criticised by the man himself for being a "stiff, try-too-hard novel". But Palomar Pictures are plowing ahead regardless, having hired In America screenwriter Naomi Sheridan to pen the script. Production is expected to start by the end of the year. Release date: TBC 2013

Pet Sematary

A second adaptation of King's grisly novel has been in the offing for years now with Paramount owning the rights. The most recent update suggests that Piranha 3D and The Hills Have Eyes director Alexandre Aja is circling the project. He's definitely no stranger to the genre and with the script already written by 1408 scribe Matthew Greenburg, it's a promising package. However, with no firm word from Aja and no start date confirmed, this one could still be a long way off. Release date: TBA


King's most recent novel is set for a big screen adaptation thanks to Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme (pictured) who is keen to get the time travel tale to the cinema as soon as he can. He's currently working on the script with King himself and he's trying to decide which of the book's many plots to focus on. He's already claiming the film will be different to the book but is enjoying the creative process with King. No cast have been confirmed yet. Release date: TBC 2013

A Good Marriage

The chilling short story and arguable highpoint of Full Dark, No Stars is getting a much-welcomed big screen adaptation. The psychological thriller about a terrifying secret that tears a married couple apart will be directed by Peter Askin, who's directed a whole bunch of films you've probably never seen. Casting is taking place now and the film will hopefully shoot by the end of the summer. Release date: summer 2013

Under The Dome

King's thrilling novel about the population of a town forced against one another was snapped up by none other than Steven Spielberg who is adapting the show for the small screen under his Dreamworks TV banner. The series will be heading to Showtime and will be scripted by Lost's Brian K. Vaughan, who also has an extensive history writing for comic books. Release date: TBC 2013

The Ten O'Clock People

Now Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes anthology has already produced adaptations of The Night Flier and Dolan's Cadillac but now a third story will also be joining them to the big screen. Last year, the rights to The Ten O'Clock People were picked up and since then, Thinner and Child's Play director Tom Holland came onboard. The script has modernised the tale of a smoker uncovering a horrific truth as he tries to quit. Holland has described it as a "paranoid suspense piece" and shooting starts soon. Release date: TBC 2013

The Dark Tower

The most anticipated title on the list has also been the most troubled. Originally taken on and then abandoned by JJ Abrams, it was later announced as a trilogy and a TV series to bridge the films together but when Universal pulled away, the project looked unlikely. But recently Warner Bros picked up the project and producer Ron Howard is still onboard. HBO are set to air the TV portion while Javier Bardem is reportedly locked to play Roland Deschain. Shooting may even begin by the start of 2013. Stay tuned on this one. Release date: TBC 2014



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