The Gifs that perfectly sum up the state of UK politics right now


We had a referendum.

Votes were cast, decisions were made, and regardless of what side of the EU fence you sat yourself, the current picture from Westminster is... well, we're not going to bother trying to use words to describe it. We're going to use Gifs.

Beautiful, satirical, silent parodies that sum up the state of politics better than any 500 word opinion column ever could. 

Laugh. It's the only thing left to do. 

Totally fine

It'll never stop


Don't mind me

Some men just want to watch the world burn

I'm just going to step out for a second

Nothing to see here

Bless him

Keep calm and carry... shit


You made your choice

So close

Freedo... no?

(Image: Rex)

One in the eye


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