The best reactions to today's Brexiteer-baiting headlines

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David Cornish

Yesterday, the High Court ruled that Theresa May's government does not have the power to trigger article 50 and initiate Britain's withdrawal from the European Union without the consent of Parliament. 

Today's newspaper headlines have summarised the great gnashing of teeth amongst those Brexit supporters who believe the High Court decision is a pro-EU move (it isn't).

From the bizarre to the downright frightening, here are the best reactions to those headlines. 

To be clear, Brexit is still happening -  the timetable just got more complicated. The government declared it would appeal the decision in the Supreme Court, which will meet in early December to have another look at whether Theresa May has to allow Parliament to discuss the use of article 50. 

We'll see you again in January when the Supreme Court ruling will set all this off all over again. 


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