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January 10th

Scientists Discover 180 Species of Glowing Fish (Wired)

Map of Area Codes Within Which Ludacris Claims to Have Hoes (Twisted Sifter)

The Physics Behind Why Sausages Split Lengthways (Gizmodo)

The US Navy's Oldest and Oddest Vessel (Visual News)

The World's Largest Living Feline (Geekologie)

January 9th

David Attenborough Reddit AMA (Reddit)

People Standing On Their Heads But Wearing Their Clothes Upside Down (Tumblr)

When Rap Ruled The World (Deadspin)

Most Humble Business Card Ever (Kotaku)

The Most Frustrating Thing In The World (Imgur)

January 8th

Amazon Critics (Tumblr)

Couple Tries to Tip Waitress with Crystal Meth (Gawker)

The Perfect Cardboard Box (Design Taxi)

Disturbing Nicolas Cage Fan Art (Flavorwire)

Twitter Critics Trailer for Muppets Most Wanted (YouTube)

January 7th

Your Brain Is What Makes Broken Escalators Dangerous (io9)

10 Weirdest Japanese Flavours of Toothpaste (Inventor Spot)

Elderly Couple Run a Marathon a Day for a Whole Year (Oddity Central)

Artist Carves Entire Alphabet Into Set of Crayons (Twisted Sifter)

Male Sticklebacks Are Audacious Risk-takers (Wired)

January 6th

Audio/Visual Palindromic Film (io9)

Timelapse of Beer Fermenting (Eater)

Carberry Snaps His Cricket Bat In Two (YouTube)

The Selfie Olympics (Twitter)

Physicists Fail To Find Time Travellers Online (Wired)

January 3rd

The Objects In Space That We Really Can't Explain (io9)

Every flagpole from Super Mario Bros (Kotaku)

Theses Explained In One Sentence (

Man Creates Amazing Paintings Using Excel (DeMilked)

Animal Speaking Voice Graph (Imgur)

January 2nd

Happy New Year From The Muppets (YouTube)

5 Gmail Tips Everyone Should Know (Huffington Post)

10 Minutes of Football To Forget (Twitter)

Dubai's Record Setting NYE Firework Display (Laughing Squid)

Truck Made Of Ice That You Can Actually Drive (Design Taxi)

December 23rd

Reimagination of the piano keyboard (Design Taxi)

10 Best SNL Skits of 2013 (Flavorwire)

The Most Incredible PC Mod of All-time (Kotaku)

Awesomely Geeky Gingerbread Houses (Neatorama)

LL Cool J vs The Wurzels

December 20th

The 100 Greatest Action Movie One-Liners (Gawker)

Scientists Boil Water in Less Than a Trillionth of a Second (Gizmodo)

Jimi Hendrix Dressed As Santa Claus (Neatorama)

Sewer Fishing (Oddity Central)

The Auteurs Of Christmas (YouTube)

December 19th

Late Contender For Headline of The Year (Twitter)

Cat Fails At Being a Cat (Tumblr)

How Nathan Barley Predicted The Future (Buzzfeed)

Reverse Aircraft Carrier (Imgur)

The Perfect Solution to Obnoxiously Loud Public Mobile Phone Conversations (Gawker)

December 18th

The British Accent Quiz (Us vs Th3m)

Plastic Bank Notes Coming in 2016 (Gizmodo)

Banksy's Christmas Card (Imgur)

Cartoonist and His Cat Drawn in Over 100 Hundred Different Styles (io9)

A Cat's Revenge (YouTube)

December 17th

The Return of Ali G? (Imgur)

Essential Roof Rack (Imgur)

Dogecoin - the new Bitcoin (The Verge)

The Most Hated Pop Cultural Icons of 2013 (Flavorwire)

The Gnome Roses (Twitter)

December 16th

Strangest Passage of Football Play Ever (YouTube)

Photographs That Will Leave You Speechless (Imgur)

Would You Spend a Year In Bed? (io9)

Drum Trousers (Visual News)

Rat Provides Ultimate Life Metaphor (YouTube)

December 13th

Keeper Combat (YouTube)

Best Detention Slips Ever (Imgur)

Green Lightning (Medium)

Sculpture of Al Pacino Made From Matchsticks (Oddity Central)

Alien Facehugger Winter Mask (Geekologie)

December 12th

Casting a Fire Ant Colony With Molten Aluminium (Nola)

Brand Santa (Quietroom)

Desktop Siege Engines (Fast CoDesign)

Incredible Bulk Section (Imgur)

Architectural Breakthroughs That Changed The World (io9)

December 11th

Best Early Day Motion Ever (

Happiest Man Alive (Imgur)

Amazing Bird-cam Videos (io9)

Led Zeppelin Finally Coming to Spotify (Gizmodo)

Star Wars-themed Beers (Design Taxi)

December 10th

USB Vacuum Cleaner (Gizmodo)

Meme Trading Cards (Neatorama)

Photos of Musicians Wearing T-Shirts of Acts They Influenced (Laughing Squid)

Kangaroo Playing Air Guitar (Imgur)

Brilliant Alternate James Bond Posters (Flavorwire)

December 9th

When Not to Double-Barrel Your Name (Locksleynet)

Brilliant Notes From Kids (Viralnova)

Genius Book-Reading Accessory (Imgur)

Can of Air for £5 (Gizmodo)

Life-size Gingerbread House (Oddity Central)

December 6th

Double Volcano Eruption Seen From Space (io9)

Darth Fader (Twitter)

You Had One Job Robin (Imgur)

Amazing time lapse of the Earth from the ISS (YouTube)

Brilliant Upside-down Umbrella (The Verge)

December 5th

10 People That Made The World a Better Place (Twisted Sifter)

Ronan Keating Will Be Voice of Postman Pat (

Simplifying The Synthesizer (Humans Invent)

US Military Lingo Explained (Kotaku)

Star Wars Snowflakes (Wired)

December 4th

3D Paving (Imgur)

Definitive Pop Mashup of 2013 (YouTube)

Charting the Popularity of Tech Through Hip Hop Lyrics (Gizmodo)

Supercut of Archery in Films (Laughing Squid)

The Clicking Languages of South Africa (Oddity Central)

December 3rd

Most Middle-class Petition Ever (Twitter)

World Memory Champion Can't Remember Things (YouTube)

Light-Bending Cube of One-Way Mirrors (Twisted Sifter)

Lake Monsters of America (Laughing Squid)

Best Christmas Decoration Ever (Twitter)

December 2nd

Best Non-league Goal Ever (YouTube)

Study Proves Cats Don't Care (io9)

Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney Doing The Dishes (Imgur)

Brilliant KFC Christmas Advert (YouTube)

Twitter's Favourite Fake Feeds (Wired)

November 29th

Great Idea For a TV Show (Twitter)

Goats In Sweaters (Design Taxi)

Bears Acting Like Humans (YouTube)

Brazil's World Cup Instrument (Wired)

Excellent Food Art (Visual News)

November 28th

Background Actors Who Have No Idea What They're Doing (Imgur)

Toys Confiscated From Schoolchildren Over The Last 30 Years (Twitter)

Body Piercing Controls Wheelchair (BBC)

Unique Lighting Instructions For Band (Twitter)

Paper Boy 3: The Movie (Kotaku)

November 27th

Breaking Bad Caricatures (Design Taxi)

I'm Not Sure This Was What They Meant (Twitter)

Prince William Sings With Taylor Swift & Jon Bon Jovi (BBC)

Iron Man Costume Made Of Balloons (Imgur)

Only in Australia (Instagram)

November 26th

Slightly Wrong Quotes On T-Shirts (Tumblr)

James Franco and Seth Rogan Parody the Kanye Video (YouTube)

Angry Birds HDMI Connectors (Amazon)

Natural Trampoline (io9)

Six New Mega Airports (Gizmodo)

November 25th

Every Public Place Named After JFK (Gizmodo)

Luxury Cat Hotel (Design Taxi)

Falcao Really Not Happy About Being Substituted (YouTube)

Batman Thanksgiving (Nerd Approved)

10 Legendary Celebrity Parties (Neatorama)

November 22nd

Zach Braff Photobombs Wedding Photo (Imgur)

Thanksgiving Awards: In Memoriam (YouTube)

Cats On Shirts (Design Taxi)

Car With Built-in Fish Tank (Neatorama)

Banana Dolphins In a Sea of Grapes (Imgur)

November 21st

Buy An Entire Printed Wikipedia (Twitter)

Volcano Creates New Japanese Island (The Verge)

Dad-proof remote controls (Huffington Post)

Home Is Where... (Imgur)

Cat Selfies (

November 20th

Facebook May Have More Dead Members Than Alive By 2060 (What If)

Best 'Sorry I Missed You' Card Ever (Twitter)

R Kelly Album Cover Art is Suitably Classy (Popjustice)

Golfer Hits Himself With Own Shot (YouTube)

Every Single Death in Game of Thrones Marked in the Books (Twitter)

November 19th

World's Tallest Water Slide Under Construction (Imgur)

Leonardo Da Vinci's Piano Design Heard For The First Time (The Age)

Byran Cranston's Heisenberg Cuff Links (Kut)

World's Longest Wooden Sculpture (Colossal)

What the Xbox One Controller Could Have Looked Like (Venture Beat)

November 18th

Animated Covers of Jazz Records (Vimeo)

Star Wars Notebooks (Design Taxi)

Brilliant Thor Bus Stop Ad (Twitter)

Historical Icon Instagrams (Histagrams)

Genius Pringles Dispenser (Foodbeast)

November 15th

Sign of the Day (Twitter)

30 Hilarious Street Posters (Just Something)

This Will Blow Your Mind (Twitter)

Unbuilt Highways Across New York (Vanshnookenraggen)

Greatest Soviet Propaganda Posters (io9)

November 14th

Taxi-Driving Pastor Offers Confessions on the Go (Oddity Central)

Mariah Carey Compares Nicki Minaj To Satan (Guardian)

Brilliant Political Cartoons From 2013 (Buzzfeed)

Firefighters Called To Deal With Hot Potato (Bedfordshire News)

Guns Replaced by Thumbs (Blogspot)

November 13th

How a Sewing Machine Works in a GIF (The Atlantic)

Oscar The Grouch vs Grumpy Cat (YouTube)

World's Most Incredible Balconies (io9)

Sweden Closing Prisons Due To Lack of Demand (Gizmodo)

Dogs Acting Like Humans (YouTube)

November 12th

Casually Dressed Egyptian God (Twitter)

What Happens When a Football Game's Physics Engine Glitches Out (Us vs Th3m)

The Worst Martial Artists In The World (Kotaku)

Order Pizza With The Press Of One Button (Foodbeast)

What Does Michael J. Fox Say? (YouTube)

November 11th

Local News Story of the day (Twitter)

Pedestrian Dog (YouTube)

Daft Punk & Ron Burgundy Riding a Bicycle in Amsterdam (Twitter)

Morrissey To Release Lou Reed Cover (NME)

Artist Nails Testicles To The Ground (Guardian)

November 8th

Fake English Town in Shanghai (Buzzfeed)

Amazing Kid Keepy-Uppy (YouTube)

Philosophical Computer (Imgur)

Gigantic Human Organs Made Of Glass (Twisted Sifter)

5-Year-Old Geography Expert (io9)

November 7th

Arty B*****ks Generator

Bernie Ecclestone Struggles With Door (YouTube)

Cat Being Awesome (Tumblr)

Headline of the Day (Twitter)

Famous Paintings With 21st Century Gadgets (Bored Panda)

November 6th

Twitter Bio Generator

Open Auditions For Star Wars (BBC)

Canadian Furry Mascot Attacked (YouTube)

T-Shirt of the Year (Imgur)

Jurassic Park Recreated In Real Life (io9)

November 5th

If All The Ice Melted (National Geographic)

Hasselhoff Sings The Fresh Prince Theme Tune (Vimeo)

London's Garden Bridge Design Unveiled (Wired)

Bizarrely Useless Objects (Visual News)

Saber Tooth Tiger (Imgur)

November 4th

Drunk Teenagers Steal Circus Llama & Take Him On The Subway (DailyDot)

Nobody Dies after Two Planes Full of Skydivers Crash in the Air (Atlantic Wire)

Thesaurus Club (Twitter)

Chess 2: The Sequel (Eurogamer)

Simpsons Tribute To Marcia Wallace (Twitter)

November 1st

Unfortunate Exhibition Of The Week (Twitter)

Kirsty Wark Dances To Thriller On Newsnight (BBC)

Deadmau5 Pumpkin (Twitter)

14 Common Words That Didn't Exist 20 Years Ago (io9)

Canyon Of Fire On the Sun (Twisted Sifter)

October 31st

Five Players Sent-Off In Mass Brawl (YouTube)

Karma (YouTube)

Unintentionally Scary Children's TV Characters (Digital Spy)

Selfies At Funerals (Tumblr)

Little Girl Dresses Up As All Eleven Doctor Whos (Laughing Squid)

October 30th

David Moyes Photobomb (101 Great Goals)

10 Completely Untrue Pop Culture Urban Legends (Flavorwire)

Best Substitution Ever (Twitter)

Worst University Video Ever (YouTube)

Virgin Wins At Flight Safety Videos (YouTube)

October 29th

Lithuanian Football Match In A Swamp (YouTube)

Halloween Costume Bingo (Laughing Squid)

The World's Strangest Gardens (io9)

A Real Lost World (Gizmodo)

Animals Riding Animals (YouTube)

October 28th

Scroll Down To Riker

Sea Lion Steals Fish (YouTube)

10 Incredible DIY Castles (Gizmodo)

Twitter Job Interview (Robin Flavell)

A-Z Of Modern Office Jargon (Guardian)

October 25th

The Ref Strikes Back (YouTube)

Cat Curling (Imgur)

The Weirdest Foods You Can Actually Eat (io9)

226 Clichés On The Katy Perry Album (Gawker)

Beard of the Year (Imgur)

October 24th

Five Essential Knots Everyone Should Know (Gizmodo)

Hardest Golf Shot In The World (Neatorama)

England's 'Team Of The Future' Not Quite As Predicted (Twitter)

Robot Leg Makeup (Imgur)

Superheroes Reimagined As Manatees (Design Taxi)

October 23rd

Gif Of The Day

Chart Of The Day

Metallica To Play in Antarctica (Guardian)

Death Star Pumpkin (Imgur)

Best Fancy Dress Costume Ever (Deadspin)

October 22nd

Super Mario CV (Design Taxi)

10 Bizarre TV Conspiracy Theories (Flavorwire)

Life Hacks That Don't Actually Make Your Life Better (Gizmodo)

Alternative Morrissey Book Covers (Guardian)

Honest Slogans

October 21st

GIF Of That Arsenal Goal At The Weekend

Lady Gaga & R Kelly=Excellent (Popjustice)

Fastest Goal in MLS History (YouTube)

Enraging Things Only Politicians Say (Buzzfeed)

Cool Haunted Hotel Posters (io9)

October 18th

Buzzfeed Articles Without GIFs (Tumblr)

Trailer for Shaun Ryder's UFO TV Show (NME)

Lady Gaga Muppet Special On Way (Variety)

That's Not How You Pipette (Tumblr)

BBC's Nick Robinson Not Starring in Jurassic World (Den of Geek)

October 17th

Musical Notation Described by Cats (Tumblr)

This Year's Best Wildlife Photography (io9)

Never Gonna Give You Up In Klingon (Neatorama)

Game of Thrones Bad Lip Reading (YouTube)

Steve Wonder Superstition remixed by Todd Terje (Soundcloud)

October 16th

Coronation Street Fighter (Jim'll Paint It)

Hipster Merkel (Tumblr)

Students Take Eric Pickles Cardboard Cutout On American Roadtrip (

Crazy-Rich Serbian Bachelor Shows Off On The Internet To Find A Bride (Bored Panda)

Wrong Watermelon To Steal (Imgur)

October 15th

12 Cardboard Boxes That Look Like David Cameron (Buzzfeed)

Stegotortoise (Twitter)

Diamond Rain on Saturn And Jupiter (BBC)

The New Rebecca Black Is Here (YouTube)

The Human-sized Salamander That Smells Like Pepper (Wired)

October 14th

The Tom Hanks Hair Quiz (Vulture)

The pillow that lets you nap anywhere (Designboom)

The first new Star Wars character of the Disney era (io9)

Country borders as seen from space (Slightly Warped)

Texting girls Drake lyrics (Sick Chirpse)

October 11th

Cat Attacks Horse (YouTube)

4.6m notes in under 4 minutes (The Verge)

Sign petition to get a statue of Wiley in Bow (

20 Years Since Do I Not Like That (YouTube)

The 29 Stages of a Twitterstorm (Buzzfeed)

October 10th

Know Your Shades of Corporate Blue (Colin Gourley)

Oreo-Breaded Deep-Fried Cookie Ice Cream (Boing Boing)

Miley's Twerkball (Twerkball)

Most Performed Songs On The X-Factor (Buzzfeed)

IKEA or Death Metal Band (

October 9th

Archeological Sites Destroyed By Stupid Humans (io9)

Duffin Scandal (Design Taxi)

Bizarre end to boxing match (Liveleak)

Pumpkin Pi (Imgur)

Super Tory Boy (Us Vs Th3m)

October 8th

Cookie Monster on Newsnight (YouTube)

Japanese Technology Miles Ahead (Imgur)

Not Selling Ski Lifts is an Abuse of Human Rights (Washington Post)

Unfortunate Billboard Placement (Twitter)

Kanye Interviewed Remixed (NME)

October 7th

The Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife has 100 functions (Juxtapoz)

The WildCat Four-Legged Robot Can Run 16mph (YouTube)

Landscapes built entirely out of food (Demilked)

Banksy Transforms Truck into Mobile Garden (Laughing Squid)

Helm's Deep Recreated with 150,000 Lego Bricks (io9)

October 4th

The Brilliant 'Next Floor' Short Film (Short of the Week)

Nasa Pick Apart the Gravity Trailer (Ars Technica)

Video Game Characters Made Out of Meat (Kotaku)

Amazing Animal Chairs (Design Taxi)

The World's Most Complicated Sand Castle (

October 3rd

Quit Video Company Responds (YouTube)

Charge Your Mobile Phone With Lightning (Design Taxi)

Ryanair Training Video (YouTube)

Banksy Joins Instagram (Instagram)

Sinead Writes to Miley (Music-Mix)

October 2nd

Picture of China's Killer Hornets (The Daily Mirror)

Inspiring short animation about a Boxer and a Moth (Short of the Week)

Seven Brillaint Desk Alternatives (Designer Daily)

Face blends of Star Trek original actors with new (Laughing Squid)

Emergency Service Photos From Times Gone By (io9)

October 1st

See-Through Car (Imgur)

Eleven Words with No English Equivalent (Visual News)

Best way to quit a job (YouTube)

Amazing Cliffside Walkways (io9)

L'ego de Triomphe (Imgur)

September 30th

1.26 Billion Facebook Profiles On One Page (Kotaku)

If Rappers Were Copywriters (Design Taxi)

Underwater Waterfall Illusion (Twisted Sifter)

Arnie's Still Got It (Imgur)

How the Sagrada Familia Will Look (The Verge)

September 27th

Dog Log (Imgur)

Gif Of Laying An Undersea Cable (Imgur)

Bizarre Products To Simplify Daily Life (Design Taxi)

Guns 'n' Roses Guzheng Cover (YouTube)

Pimp My Bunk Bed (Imgur)

September 26th

Dating Catch Of The Year (Jezebel)

Chewbacca Walnut (Twitter)

Picture Of Elvis Made From Dice (Imgur)

Spy Animals Of The Cold War (Smithsonian)

Photos Taken A Split-Second Before Disaster (Imgur)

September 25th

Penalty Recovery (PaddyPower)

Most Extreme Buildings Ever (io9)

Incredible Supercell in Montana (Imgur)

Toast Perfume (Design Taxi)

Top Folding (Imgur)

September 24th

This Lucky Guy Met The EA Sports Man (YouTube)

Apology Of The Year (Twitter)

Politician Scuffles With Protester (Twitter)

Slide Tackle With Your Head (YouTube)

Evolution Of The Tube Logo (DesignTaxi)

September 23rd

Funniest Voicemail Ever (YouTube)

Cucumber Whale (Imgur)

Over-confident Goalkeeper (YouTube)

16-Foot Star Wars AT-ST Replica (Geektyrant)

Giant Partying Aardvark (My Modern Met)

September 20th

Game of Thrones Meets Sesame Street (themarysue)

Juggling Otter (YouTube)

Sleepy Lords (tumblr)

Perspective (Imgur)

Irony (Twitter)

September 19th

Castle Remembers It Can't Swim (Twitter)

Close-Ups of Arthropods (Twisted Sifter)

Does the Human Population Alter Gravity? (Wired)

Jabba The Grass (Imgur)

Brilliant Poster Alteration (Twitter)

September 18th

Fairy Really Does Last Longer (Telegraph)

String Theory Explained Via Bohemian Rhapsody (io9)

Marty McFly Screaming (YouTube)

Flowers Refracted in Dew Drops (Imgur)

Terry Pratchett Wins (Twitter)

September 17th

Pretend You're A Computer Hacker (Laughing Squid)

Works Of Art In Book Pages (io9)

Creepy Crawly Treats (Design Taxi)

Super Mario Themed Bedroom (Imgur)

Field Guide to Procrastinators (Neatorama)

September 16th

The Shocking Truth Behind Tetris (Twitter)

Do Not Do This To Your Toaster (Gizmodo)

Presenting The Interrobang (Guardian)

Double Football Disaster (YouTube)

Feynmann Lectures For Free (io9)

September 13th

Frog Photobombs NASA Launch (Boredpanda)

Insect Evolves Gears in Legs (io9)

Customer Service Meltdown (NSFW language) (Gawker)

History of Pixar's Logo (Design Taxi)

First World Problem Solutions (Imgur)

September 12th

Dolphin Photobomb (Imgur)

Time Lock Snack Jar (Design Taxi)

Monty Python & The Holy Grail Recut As a Serious Movie (YouTube)

Secret History of Monopoly Tokens (Flavorwire)

The 90s (Imgur)

September 11th

Worst Corner Kick Ever (YouTube)

Slippery Friend Emerges from the AC Unit (Imgur)

Paper Hamburger (DesignTaxi)

David Attenborough Predicts An Apocalypse (Gizmodo)

Banana iPhone Case (Foodbeast)

September 10th

R2-D2 spotted in Star Trek Into Darkness (io9)

iPhone Engraving Misunderstanding (Twitter)

Saddest IMDB Entry Ever (IMDB)

Dive Of The Century (YouTube)

Tambourine Player Available (Needs Tambourine) (Twitter)

September 9th

Dog Scores Goal (YouTube)

Inside a Guitar (Imgur)

The Walking Dead In the Style of Dr Seuss (Design Taxi)

Amazing Retro Football Compilation (YouTube)

World's Greatest Lolly Stick Marble Machine (Imgur)

September 6th

Comic Book Characters Added to Album Covers (Laughing Squid)

Flying Cat Photobomb (Twitter)

What a Goal (YouTube)

Hundreds & Thousands Grinder (Imgur)

23 Haunting Minutes of the Gravity Score (io9)

September 5th

Bicycle-powered Treehouse Lift (io9)

Thunderstorm Over The Grand Canyon (Imgur)

Brief History of Buildings That Melt Things (Gizmodo)

1150 Chickens Saved By Mystery Benefactor (Guardian)

Animals Mistaken For Spies (BBC)

September 4th

Does the Pedestrian Crossing Button Actually Work? (BBC)

Snake Climbs Up Wall (Imgur)

Why A Medieval Peasant Got More Time Off Than You (Reuters)

Get Lucky on Mario Paint Composer (YouTube)

Modesty Blaze (Twitter)

September 3rd

Fractal Broccoli (Imgur)

London Skyscraper is Melting Cars (Jalopnik)

Cradle of Filth Birthday Cake (Twitter)

Abandoned Chinese Cities (io9)

Hope For All Men (Twitter)

September 2nd

Weird Dinosaur Statues (io9)

Mount Rushmore Before the Presidents (Imgur)

Cats and Bacon (Design Taxi)

Haunting Images of Abandoned Amusement Parks (Flavorwire)

Luckiest Man Escapes Landslide (Jalopnik)

August 30th

Every Tech Commercial Ever (College Humor)

Motivational Rap Business Cards (Design Taxi)

School of Rock Reunion (Imgur)

Lion King Etch-a-Sketch (Laughing Squid)

Saddest Pizza in the World (Twitter)

August 29th

Alien Facehugger Clock (Neatorama)

Wu-Tang Christmas Jumper (Twitter)

Bez is a Beekeeper (Guardian)

Russian Army Choir Sings Skyfall (YouTube)

Sloth Photobomb (Twitter)

August 28th

Extremely Lucky Penalty (101 Great Goals)

History of Dr Who in a Tube Map (

Merlin Nearly Impales Fisherman (YouTube)

Eclipse Seen From Space (Imgur)

Movie Supercut of People Almost Kissing (YouTube)

August 27th

Those Biology Lessons Were Wrong (io9)

Zen Where's Wally (Bizarrocomics)

The Vengabus is Due Every 8-10 Minutes (Twitter)

NASA Selling Shuttle Launch Pads (Gizmodo)

Eminem Goes Old-School For Comeback Single (YouTube)

August 23rd

Lego Tube Map (Twitter)

Aggressive Chicken Dancing (Imgur)

Dating Advice From JP Morgan CEO (Tumblr)

Dog Photobombing Cat (Twitter)

Amazing Natural Ice Sculptures (io9)

August 22nd

Headline Of The Year So Far (Twitter)

Tears For Fears Cover Arcade Fire (Soundcloud)

French Fries Vending Machine (Design Taxi)

Ed Balls In a Bat Mask (Twitter)

Hong Kong At Night (Twisted Sifter)

August 21st

Historic black and white photos in colour (Twisted Sifter)

Companies that originally sold something else (Mental Floss)

Wolverine trailer, but in Lego (YouTube)

Woman captures pickup truck flying over barrier on Vine (driver survives) (Laughing Squid)

The new level of cool (Imgur)

August 20th

Superman's Bad Day (YouTube)

Carnivorous Caterpillar (io9)

Brands As Angry Birds (Design Taxi)

20 Seconds of Tetris Madness (Mentalfloss)

What Happens When The Public Are Asked To Name Exoplanets (xkcd)

August 19th

Hot-Dog Legs (Tumblr)

Jolene Slowed to 33rpm is Beautiful (Twenty Two Words)

Amazing Russian Driving Escape (YouTube)

Robot Comedian (io9)

Mindbending GIF (Buzzfeed)

August 16th

Freddie Mercury Made Entirely of CDs (Twitter)

Apple Store Made of Lego (Design Taxi)

Men Walk 40 Miles For No Reason (

Boss Patrol App (Design Taxi)

Needlessly Revealing Stock Photos (Huffington Post)

August 15th

Petrol Pump Game (

Alternative Album Covers (Blogspot)

Soggy Cereal Solution (Design Taxi)

Star Wars Onesies (Dude I Want That)

Amazing Tape Dispenser (Imgur)

August 14th

Forgotten Cold War plan to give the Earth rings (

VW concept unites the car and the bike (Design Taxi)

The most useful set of maps you’ll ever find (Neatorama)

Dogs dressed as their owners (Neatorama)

Amazing ballpoint pen hand art (Imgur)

August 13th

Frozen Niagara Falls in 1911 (Twitter)

Pie Chart of the Frequency of Colours in Flags of the World (

4,000 Years of History in a Single Poster (Gizmodo)

Mass Brawl at Legoland (Evening Standard)

In 90 Seconds This Will Grow To The Size of The Observable Universe (Imgur/Reddit)

August 12th

Strangely Beautiful Abandoned Tanks (io9)

Testicle-Crushing Fish (Gawker)

Time Lapse Video of Europe's Landmarks (Design Taxi)

Frozen Flood (Imgur)

Album Campaign Goes Off The Rails (NME)

August 9th

Ping-Pong Cats (Twitter)

Gif Of the Earth's Seasonal Heartbeat (Blogspot)

Stating The Obvious (Twitter)

Crazy Scientific Theories That (Almost) No-one Believes Any More (Wired)

Partridge Bass Dog (Tumblr)

August 8th

Deal Of The Year (Twitter)

Slightly Strange Partridge Cake (Tumblr)

Ian Rush Poses For Photo With Wu-Tang Clan (NME)

Quiet Carriage Proficiency Test (Tom Scott)

A Legendary Obituary (Telegraph)

August 7th

10 Great Uses Of Negative Space (Creativebloq)

Amazing Photos From Abandoned Record Warehouse (The Vinyl Factory)

Worst Interview Ever (YouTube)

Best Synth Review Ever (Tumblr)

Bear Drives Speedboat (Imgur)

August 6th

Cookie Monster Covers Icona Pop (YouTube)

Amazing Storm Progression (Imgur)

Football Cliche Overload (Twitter)

Raccoon Eating Cat Then Apologising (Buzzfeed)

SharkCat is Back (YouTube)

August 5th

US Football Coach Tries His Hand in England (NBC)

Partridge's Music Taste is Great (Guardian)

Pest Control Van Lists Surprise Vermin (Twitter)

Council Plants Interesting Flower Pots (BBC)

Amazing Tailgate Wrap (Imgur)

August 2nd

Coolest-ever Out-of-office (Neotokio)

Incredible Portraits Made With Coloured Pencils (Imgur)

Cheap But Beautiful Objects (Wired)

Amazingly Coloured Starfish (Imgur)

Muse To Run For Council (Music News)

August 1st

Basses As Dogs (Tumblr)

British Cinema Promotion (Twitter)

Soviet Rip-offs of Western Technologies (io9)

Best Roadsign Ever (Twitter)

Interview with Creators of Robot Rock Band (Humans Invent)

July 31st

Buy Your Own Tube Station (Daily Mail)

If Other Newspapers Copied The Sun (New Statesman)

Lego For Adults (Gizmodo)

Create Your Own Hipster Logo (Buzzfeed)

Tech Brands Partridge Has Ruined (Cnet)

July 30th

Rappers & Cereal (Tumblr)

Film Poster Error (Twitter)

Preserved Vascular System of a Shark (Imgur)

Freddie & Jacko Duets to be Released (Uproxx)

Cartoon Characters Reimagined (Designtaxi)

July 29th

Patrick Moore Made of Vegetables (Twitter)

Lego Space Shuttle (Gizmodo)

Bubble Wrap Bike (YouTube)

Amazing Fallstreak Hole (Imgur)

Early Miss of the Season Contender (YouTube)

July 26th

Beer Labels in Motion (Tumblr)

Amazing Chainsaw-Created Dinosaur Sculpture (Imgur)

Flamingo Flamenco (YouTube)

Weird Typewriters (Flavorwire)

Sharkified Movie Posters (Designtaxi)

July 25th

World's Biggest Dinosaur Park Given Green Light (Guardian)

Cool Nail House Images (io9)

Peacocks Wasting Their Time (Science News)

Deer Steals Man's Wife (Imgur)

Modesty Blaze (NME)

July 24th

Knightmare is Back (Guardian)

Beijing Subway is Pretty Crowded (YouTube)

Bad News: 5 Second Food Rule Wrong (Gizmodo)

Brilliant Scorpion Kick Goal (YouTube)

Walrus Found Under St. Pancras Station (Telegraph)

July 23rd

Beyonce's Hair Gets Stuck in a Fan (YouTube)

Massive Chip News (Buzzfeed)

Vanilla Ice Sung By The Movies (YouTube)

Pegg & Frost Found in Fatboy Slim Video (Imgur)

Beautiful Cloud Formation (Imgur)

July 22nd

Woman Takes Horse Into McDonald's (BBC)

Wiley Gig Does Not Go Well (NME)

World's Strangest Bars and Restaurants (io9)

Tree-chopping Error (Imgur)

Royal Baby Strangeness (Twitter)

July 19th

Map of Rivers That Feed Into the Mississippi (Imgur)

Steal a Car Using an mp3 (New Scientist)

Spider With Amazing Water Hat (Imgur)

Stunning Mars Video (io9)

Horse Photobomb (Twitter)

July 18th

Clever Men Wearing Shorts (Flavorwire)

Jaws Watermelon (imgur)

Bumblebee High Five (Liveleak)

Pizza Skateboard (Laughingsquid)

Realistic Gym Advert (Twitter)

July 17th

Ed Balls Breaks The Curse (Twitter)

Big Nose Dinosaur (BBC)

100 Metre Scroll

Dubious Bruce Springsteen Waxwork (Inagist)

What Your Email Sign-off Really Means (Guardian)

July 16th

Amazing pub sign (Buzzfeed)

Saddest Butter Substitute Name Ever (Twitter)

World's Most Confusing Points System (Conservative Party)

$120 Plain White T-Shirt. Oh it's 'Designed' by Kanye (A.P.C.)

How Long is the Average PhD dissertation? Clue: Long (io9)

July 15th

Super Mario Fergie (YouTube)

Aggressive Travel Shop (Twitter)

Snake Bites Where You Don't Want To Be Bitten (Gawker)

Twerking Cat (Buzzfeed)

Worst First Pitch Ever (YouTube)

July 12th

Ninja Turtle Jump (YouTube)

Three-person Hammock (Mymodernmet)

Planet Where It Rains Glass (BBC)

Inside-out Hand GIF (Twitter)

Quartz Armchair (Cool Material)

July 11th

Maps of Empires That No Longer Exist (io9)

Crossing The Road in Russia is Dangerous (YouTube)

Incredible Waterspout Vortex Image (Laughingsquid)

Snake Breaks into a Shop (Gawker)

Amazing Dinosaur Impression (ForGifs)

July 10th

A 39 megapixel picture of a burger. Not enough megapixels. (Reddit)

Bruce Lee CGI. The Dragon’s back. (Vimeo)

Alan Partridge sun cream, you mutha. (Twitter)

Ever so slightly suspicious football scores (BBC)

And a map showing how to say ‘Beer’ in different European regions (Laughing Squid)

July 9th

Dortmund Reveal New Kit by Planting 80.645 flowers (Borussia Dortmund FC)

Greatest Wikipedia Opening Paragraph Ever (Wikipedia)

Game of Thrones Simpsonised (Tumblr)

Freddie Mercury Gorilla in Copyright Row (BBC)

A History of Incredible Camouflaged Ships (io9)

July 8th

All the Murray Frontpages (Twitter)

Bridge To Nowhere Completed After 40 Years (BBC)

Best Photobomb Ever? (Twitter)

Volkswagen Microbus Toaster (Neatorama)

Wimbledon Morrisons Rebrands (Morrisons)

July 5th

Nicolas Anelka Looks Delighted About Signing for West Brom (West Brom FC)

Analytics Tool 'Recognises Sarcasm' (BBC)

Joey Chestnutt Breaks World Hot Dog Eating Record (Deadspin)

Super Mario Bros Recreated With Food (Designtaxi)

Catflakes (

July 4th

Daft Punk Action Figures (Bandai)

The Periodic Table of McDonald's (Neatorama)

Terrible new Liverpool Third Kit (Liverpool FC)

Surprisingly Good Simon Pegg & Nick Frost Faceswap (Buzzfeed)

Your MacBook Has a Force Field (Wired)

July 3rd

20 Underrated Jay-Z Songs (Complex)

Mustangs In Movies (Laughing Squid)

The 13 Dumbest Band Names Ever (Rolling Stone)

Mario Intervention (Neatorama)

Johnny Depp Making Funny Faces Supercut (Film Drunk)

July 2nd

The DeLorean Taxi (Cool Material)

The Empire Strikes Out (Neatorama)

Book Titles With One Letter Missing (Pleated Jeans)

Weird Japanese Commercials Supercut (Laughing Squid)

The Irony Is Lost On All These Facebook Posts (College Humor)

July 1st

LEGO Facehugger (Gizmodo)

Dogs Vs Sprinklers (YouTube)

Fictional Girls You Were Supposed To Like Who Actually Suck (College Humor)

Super Mario Bros In HD (Jinn Devil)

Sushi Tanks (Technabob)

June 28th

The Sandwich Book (Laughing Squid)

Wine-Infused Popcorn (Food Beast)

New Trailer For The Conjuring Goes For Authenticity (io9)

10 Plants That Smell Like Meat (Mental Floss)

Parks & Recreation Children's Books (Pleated Jeans)

June 27th

Dog takes Dog To Park In Trolley (Clip Nation)

The Tetris Tie (Gizmodo)

Iron Man Lightsaber (Neatorama)

How To Turn Ice Cream Into Bread (YouTube)

The Difference Between Geeks And Nerds (io9)

June 26th

McFlurry Flavours Around The World (Web Urbanist)

Iron Man Gorilla (My Modern Met)

The 10 Most Terrifying GIFs from Stephen King Movies (Uproxx)

Sushi Donuts (Kotaku)

6 Actors Who Took Their Roles Off-Screen (Mental Floss)

June 25th

This Is What Happens When You Disrespect A Gorilla (Neatorama)

Your Complete Guide To Nicolas Cage (College Humor)

The Most Insane Television Sets Throughout History (io9)

Kid Gets Mario Shaved Onto Head (Kotaku)

The Exploding Actresses Tumblr (Exploding Actresses)

June 24th

Terrifying Walking Lego Steampunk Ship (io9)

District 9 Action Figures (Super Punch)

The 5 Most Insane Actor Meltdowns (Cracked)

Thoughts Watching World War Z From A To Z (Vulture)

If Kids Tweeted About Shows Like Adults Do (College Humor)

June 21st

Shoplifting Dog (Neatorama)

The Video Game Food Pyramid (Food Beast)

The Revolver Bottle Opener (Trend Hunter)

11 Things We No Longer See On Planes (Mental Floss)

The Incredible Super Mario Rap (Uproxx)

June 20th

The Evolution Of Soft Drink Cans (Boldpost)

Russian Subway Door Error (Clip Nation)

Twist Off Wine Corks Now A Thing (Food Beast)

When Knock Knock Jokes Go Wrong (Buzzfeed)

The Concrete Docking Station (Trend Hunter)

June 19th

5 Movie Characters Who Wasted Superpowers (Cracked)

The 50 Best Life Hacks Of All Time (Complex)

Building-transforming Optical Illusions (io9)

The Ultimate News Videobomb Compliation (Clip Nation)

Heroic Superhero Wisdom Posters (Geeks Are Sexy)

June 18th

The Periodic Table Of Muppets (Mental Floss)

The Coolest Flags Ever (io9)

We're Not So Different, You And I Supercut (Geekosystem)

Watermelon Oreos Are Worryingly A Thing (Food Beast)

Mario Levels Made From Real Animal Skulls (Kotaku)

June 14th

The Flying Bike (Hypervocal)

Incredible GIFs of cities at night (My Modern Met)

Five Things You Didn't Know About The Superman Franchise (Gamma Squad)

Animals Without Necks (Pleated Jeans)

New Only God Forgives Poster (Coming Soon)

June 13th

The Worst Movie Dads Ever Supercut (Clip Nation)

The LEGO PS4 (Kotaku)

Another Wolverine Trailer (io9)

Unlikely Duels Between Fictional And Historical Characters (Design TAXI)

24 Reasons Everything Looks Better In 8-Bit (Buzzfeed)

June 12th

Dogs Vs Citrus Supercut (Clip Nation)

A House Made Of Caramel (Laughing Squid)

The 25 Best Comedy All-Star Casts In Film (Complex)

The Most Ridiculous Kanye West Quotes From His NY Times Interview (Vulture)

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge (Uproxx)

June 11th

New S.H.I.E.L.D. Teaser (Geekosystem)

Fraggle Rock Playing Cards (Incredible Things)

Luxury Submarine Yacht (Neatorama)

The Best Sci-fi Themed Bars And Restaurants (io9)

How To Put Today In Perspective (Here Is Today)

June 10th

Mash-ups Of Marvel And DC Superheroes (Design TAXI)

The Freddy Krueger Sweater (Trend Hunter)

Teaser For HBO’s New Stephen Merchant Show (Deadline)

Extended White House Down Trailer (io9)

Man Electrocutes Alien? (Kotaku)

June 7th

Memes As Paintings (Design TAXI)

Actors Laughing Between Movie Takes (Imgur)

Iron Man Nike Air Mags (Gizmodo)

Weird Celebrity Items Sold At Auction (The Week)

Batbear (Buzzfeed)

June 6th

Matching Pantone Swatches To Everyday Life (MyModernMet)

Star Wars Yoga (Geeks Are Sexy)

Will Your Dog Mourn Your Death? (Slate)

Kanye West RPG (Uproxx)

What The LEGO House Will Look Like (Hypebeast)

June 5th

Street Legal Bumper Car (Neatorama)

Dramatic Dog Hams Up Playing Dead (YouTube)

Will Smith Making Weird Noises In Films Supercut (Laughing Squid)

Adding Motion To Movie Posters (The Shiznit)

Incredible Abraham Lincoln Sculpture (Kotaku)

June 4th

The Worst Jobs In History Chart (Design TAXI)

Tap Dancing Seagull (Clip Nation)

Star Trek Wine (Cool Material)

Fans Make Grand Theft Auto V Map (Uproxx)

5 Overused Twist Endings (Cracked)

June 3rd

25 Rapper Yearbook Photos (Complex)

The Craziest Moments From The Aliens Vs Predator Cartoon (Cracked)

Jägermeister Chicken Tacos (Guy Code)

Win The Chance To Clone Your Dog (Geekosystem)

Illustrated Movie Cars (Jalopnik)

May 31st

Deep-fried Cheesy Pasta Shrimp Is A Thing In KFC Singapore (Food Beast)

Hip-Hop Cakes (It's Nice That)

Minimalist Sci-fi Weapon Prints (Geekosystem)

The 5 Most Incredible Things Done Out Of Spite (Cracked)

The Anti-Drowning Collar (Trend Hunter)

May 30th

Ernest Hemingway's Reading List For Young Writers (Buzzfeed)

5 Things That Should Get You Banned From The Internet (Cracked)

The 50 Best Videos On Vine (Complex)

The Very Strange "Personal Gaming Module" (Uproxx)

Fake Reality Show Posters (Laughing Squid)

May 29th

Video Games And Arcades In Film Supercut (Laughing Squid)

The Cookbook You Have To Slice To Read (Vimeo)

Dog Dreams That He's Tarzan (Tastefully Offensive)

The Coaster That Cools Your Drink (Gizmodo)

Texts From Zelda (Texts From Zelda)

May 28th

Donut Sushi (Food Beast)

Ghostly Ship Graveyards (io9)

The Flip Book Camera (Laughing Squid)

Awesome Cloned GIFs (Cool Material)

Grand Theft Auto Meets The Simpsons (Kotaku)

May 24th

BBQ Golf Tool Set (Neatorama)

Arrested Development Meets The Godfather (Hypervocal)

Daft Punk Helmet GIFs (Laughing Squid)

Every Rap Song Of The Summer From 1979 (Complex)

The Dazed And Confused Sequel Is Still Happening (Film Drunk)

May 23rd

Buy Your Own Daft Punk Helmet (Cool Material)

Awesome Optical Illusion Prints (Design TAXI)

This Rose Is Smaller Than A Strand Of Hair (io9)

Terrifying Robot Octopus Is Terrifying (Geekosystem)

The Best Of Cat Shaming (Buzzfeed)

May 22nd

Mario Dog Is The Best Vine Ever (Uproxx)

5 Brilliant Clues Hidden In The Background Of Movies (Cracked)

The Bizarre History Of Animal Soldiers (io9)

Amazing Words With No English Equivalent (Mental Floss)

The Nutella Martini (Trend Hunter)

May 21st

Indiana Jones And The Last Captcha (Neatorama)

3D Coffee Art (Kotaku)

The Darth Vader Fridge (Geeks Are Sexy)

If Your Childhood Board Games Were German (College Humor)

The Best Outfits From White Men Can't Jump (Complex)

May 20th

Vintage Superhero Posters (Design TAXI)

The 20 Most Horrifying Childhood Hairstyles (Smosh)

Incredible Underground Stations From Around The World (io9)

Album Covers That Work Better As GIFs (Buzzfeed)

Cat Abuses The Power Of A Desk Bell (Laughing Squid)

May 17th

Poetry Using Book Titles (Laughing Squid)

Which Is Faster: The ‘Millennium Falcon’ Or The ‘USS Enterprise’? (Design Taxi)

Craziest Water Slider Ever (Hypervocal)

11 Strange Movie Job Titles Explained (Mental Floss)

The Atlantic Rim Trailer (io9)

May 16th

Paul Thomas Anderson Mondo Posters (Flavorwire)

Riddick Trailer (io9)

Musicians As Superheroes (Geekosystem)

The Portable Donut Factory (Trend Hunter)

Incredible Penalty (Clip Nation)

May 15th

You Will Never Look At Mario In The Same Way Again (Buzzfeed)

Why Iron Man Doesn’t Ask The Avengers For Help (Design Taxi)

The 30 Most Influential Sneakers Of All Time (Complex)

Animal Blueprints (Incredible Things)

Janitor Creates Cool Artwork On Whiteboards (Geeks Are Sexy)

May 14th

Songs About Obsolete Technology (Mental Floss)

First Trailer For Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D (Geekosystem)

Cinematic "NOOOOOOOO" Supercut (Clip Nation)

The Most Memorable Presidential Cameos In Video Games (Kotaku)

Whisky Toothpaste Used To Be A Thing (Buzzfeed)

May 13th

Space Oddity Cover From A Space Station (Gawker)

What To Watch On Netflix Flowchart (Silver Oak Casino)

The Human Chainsaw (Clip Nation)

Cat Massively Overreacts To Lizards (Hypervocal)

Awful Product Placement In Comics (Cracked)

May 10th

Movies Distilled Into Nine Frames (9 Film Frames)

Saul Bass Inspired Game Of Thrones Prints (Laughing Squid)

Previously On Mad Men Parody (Hypervocal)

The Best NES Game Endings (Kotaku)

People On Twitter Who Hate Gatsby Book But Can't Wait For The Movie (College Humor)

May 9th

Riker Sits Down Weird Supercut (Neatorama)

The World's Coolest Dominoes (Cool Material)

The Star Wars Periodic Table (Etckt)

The 25 Greatest Movie Beatdowns In GIFs (Complex)

The “Are You A Creepy Geek?” Test (Kotaku)

May 8th

The Ramen Burger (Kotaku)

Smart Cat Opens Front Door (Clip Nation)

Simulated Reality In Movies Flowchart (Laughing Squid)

The Ender's Game Trailer Hits (io9)

23 Words That Have Survived Since The Ice Age (Neatorama)

May 7th

Lord of the Rings Periodic Table (Geekosystem)

The Beer Playing Cards (Cool Material)

Chocolate Myths Debunked (Food Beast)

The iPhone Flask (Incredible Things)

Famous Landmarks Get The Tilt Shift Treatment (My Modern Met)

May 3rd

Small Dog Tries To Walk A Bigger Dog (Laughing Squid)

How To Pick An Appropriate Necktie Infographic (Laughing Squid)

Liquids Captured Midair (Junk Culture)

The Fish And Chips Cupcakes (Trend Hunter)

Facehugger Fruit (Geeks Are Sexy)

May 2nd

Romantic Comedies Are Actually Horror Stories (io9)

Breaking Bad Lego (Geekosystem)

The Chinese Version Of Iron Man 3 (Kotaku)

How To Draw C-3PO (Andertoons)

Sadly, The Pop Tarts Vodka Isn't Real (Food Beast)

May 1st

Daft Punk Doing Everyday Things (Cool Material)

23 Toys That Prove That Your Parents Didn't Love You (Ranker)

Kevin Spacey Photobomb (Buzzfeed)

Our Google Autocompletes Are Depressing (Gizmodo)

Homeland Season Three Tidbit (Vulture)

April 30th

The Toaster Lamp (Neatorama)

Animals Trying To Stay Awake (Clip Nation)

Pop Culture Hockey Jerseys (Laughing Squid)

Under Siege 2 Recut As A Silent Film (Film Drunk)

The Consoles Of The 80s (Kotaku)

April 29th

Evolution Of Daft Punk Helmets (Neatorama)

The 7 Craziest Houses People Have Actually Lived In (Cracked)

The Daft Punk Cockatoo (Hypervocal)

If Internet Memes Were Movie Stars (The Shiznit)

Mouse Uses Exercise Wheel Wrong But Well (Geekosystem)

April 26th

5 Animals That Take Public Transport (National Geographic)

Anchorman Has Bruce Almighty Moment (Clip Nation)

Bullet Cuff Links (Cool Material)

20 Of The Weirdest Things On Etsy (Buzzfeed)

Game Of Thrones Pizzas (Geeks Are Sexy)

April 25th

If Film Posters Used The Original Book Titles (Imgur)

Texts From Superheroes (Texts From Superheroes)

The 100 Funniest Yearbook Quotes (Worldwide Interweb)

A Collection Of Very Strange Maps (io9)

7 Pictures Of Tom Cruise Being Tall (College Humor)

April 24th

Two Movies With The Same Log Line (My Modern Met)

The 10 Greatest Mug Shots From Florida (Heavy)

A Corgi Offering You A Cup Of Tea (Buzzfeed)

The Trumpet iPhone Speaker Amplifier (Incredible Things)

We're All Pronouncing Khaleesi Wrong (io9)

April 23rd

The Conspiracy Theory Flowchart (Crispian Jago)

Strange Product Placement In Films (AV Club)

Ordinary Things That Look Cool Under A Microscope (Cracked)

Ryan Lochte's Favourite Film Is Unexpected (Buzzfeed)

Game Of Thrones Theme Performed On A Bell Tower (Geeks Are Sexy)

April 22nd

Memorable Quotes From The Avengers Posters (Design Taxi)

What Our Belongings Will Look Like In 100 Years (Maicokiba)

The History of Superman Infographic (8Ball)

Bizarre and Specific Rules That Exist In The Movie Universe (Cracked)

Chair Paintings You Can Sit On (Incredible Things)

The Coffee Guide Infographic (Foodbeast)

April 19th

The Worst Climbing The Corporate Ladder Stock Images (Buzzfeed)

Star Wars Costumes For Dogs (Laughing Squid)

The 50 Most Bizarre Prom Photos Ever (Worldwide Interweb)

Video Game Endings That Are Messing With Us (Cracked)

The Worst NBA Flops Of The Year (Clip Nation)

April 18th

Breaking Bad Bath Salts (Laughing Squid)

15 Temporarily Banned Episodes Of TV Shows (Mental Floss)

Vintage Healthy Cigarette Adverts (Buzzfeed)

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Collection (Cool Material)

Dumbest Movie Predictions About The Future (Complex)

April 17th

Monkey Steals Man's Shirt And Then Wears It (Ego TV)

Ways Your Brain Is Tricking You Into Being Miserable (Cracked)

Classified Ad Error (Buzzfeed)

This Is How You Prank Somebody (Pleated Jeans)

The $15,000 Nintendo Game (Kotaku)

April 16th

Oldboy Remake Teaser Poster (Coming Soon)

Deliberately Impossible Captchas (Laughing Squid)

Cool Vintage Luggage Labels (Buzzfeed)

Where You Should Post That Thing You Want To Share (College Humor)

Pointer Pointer (Pointer Pointer)

April 15th

The World’s Most Unusual Elevators (The World Geography)

Star Wars Guitars (Laughing Squid)

Arrested Development Album Covers (Paste Magazine)

The Coroner’s Report For Weekend At Bernie’s (Scientific American)

Funniest Bootleg DVD Fails (Worldwide Interweb)

April 11th

The Entire Internet In One Poster (College Humor)

Jon Snow Does The Harlem Shake (YouTube)

Awesome Behind-The-Scenes Monster Movie Photos (Flavorwire)

Lionel Messi Vs A Robot Goalie (Buzzfeed)

The Most Obsessive Vending Machine Blog Ever (Kotaku)

April 10th

12 Things You Didn’t Know About The Super Mario Bros Movie (Buzzfeed)

Cat Poses In Mirror (Hypervocal)

Weird New Old Spice Ad (YouTube)

Office Cubicle Turned Into A Castle (Incredible Things)

20 Funny YouTube Comments (Pleated Jeans)

April 9th

Brooklyn Neighbourhood Reimagined As A Super Mario Map (Design TAXI)

Star Wars Meets The Graduate (YouTube)

Movie Taglines That Were Lies (io9)

Tyler, The Creator's Mountain Dew Ad (Hypebeast)

Best Cat House Ever (Trend Hunter)

April 8th

25 Ridiculous VHS Covers (Complex)

Reasons My Son Is Crying (Reasons My Son Is Crying)

21 Animals That Desperately Need A Hand (Buzzfeed)

Could You Outrun A T-Rex? (io9)

10 Of The Most Expensive Typos Ever (Mental Floss)

April 5th

12 Computers Who Are Complete Bastards (io9)

How To Deep Fry Anything (Buzzfeed)

The Rules Of Grand Theft Auto Box Art (Kotaku)

Trailers Better Than The Movie (Flavorwire)

Awesome Dollar Bill Collages (Laughing Squid)

April 4th

The Cult Of Prank Texts (Buzzfeed)

The Purge Trailer (Film Drunk)

The Drunkest Guy At The Airport (Gorilla Mask)

Darth Baby Lightsaber (Hypervocal)

Awesome Alternative World War Z Posters (Blurppy)

April 3rd

C3PO’s Head Sculpted From Computer Components (Laughing Squid)

Draft Your Breakup Text (Breakup Text)

The Hovercraft Golf Cart (Clip Nation)

Computer Delivery Circa 1957 (Buzzfeed)

The 25 Coolest Houses Of March 2013 (Complex)

April 2nd

Superheroes Reimagined As Greek Art (Design TAXI)

A Dog Eating Peanut Butter Like A Human (YouTube)

Deer Fight Like Girls (Hypervocal)

Every Single Dinosaur In Jurassic Park From Best To Worst (Vulture)

Girl Tried To Climb Into Ball Rack (Clip Nation)

March 28th

Crème Egg Scotch Egg (Cake Spy)

Best Estate Agent Sign Ever (Trend Hunter)

The Walking Dead Is Basically Toy Story (Uproxx)

The Strangest International Crisp Flavours (Geekosystem)

The Game Of Thrones Death Generator (Vulture)

March 27th

If Hannibal Lector Was Obsessed With Anime (Neatorama)

The Armadillo Camera (Feature Shoot)

Secondary TV Character Portraits (Laughing Squid)

Everybody Who Wants To Kill Bruce Willis Supercut (/Film)

Mike From Breaking Bad Was In Airplane (Uproxx)

March 26th

Jurassic Park 3D Glasses (Trend Hunter)

Supercut Of Mainframe References In Film (Laughing Squid)

25 April Fool's Pranks That Won't Make You A Terrible Person (Uproxx)

17 Movie References In The Simpsons (Buzzfeed)

The Best News Bloopers Of March 2013 (Clip Nation)

March 25th

If Star Wars Was Set In Jurassic Park (Gizmodo)

5 Brain Hacks That Give You Mind-Blowing Powers (Cracked)

Cat Helps With The Laundry (Laughing Squid)

25 GIFs Of Epic Landmark Destruction In Movies (Complex)

9 Things You Didn't Know About DuckTales (Mental Floss)

March 22nd

Gary Oldman Losing His Shit Supercut (Flavorwire)

Could You Drink Beer Instead Of Water And Still Survive? (io9)

The Most Dramatic Uno Trailer You'll Ever See (Kotaku)

The Specially Made Gluttony Trousers (Laughing Squid)

Lighting Bottles Of Alcohol With A Laser (Daily of the Day)

March 21st

Awesome Posters Detailing Beatles Musical Arrangements (Flavorwire)

Ghostbusters USB Stick (Trend Hunter)

Real Superhero Power Infographic (

Yet Another F***king Music Festival (Laughing Squid)

Cat And Bird Work Together To Kill Laser Pointer (Hypervocal)

March 20th

Incredible Photobombing Dog (Buzzfeed)

LEGO Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer (Laughing Squid)

Edible City Map (Trend Hunter)

The Most Incompetent Evil Henchmen Ever (io9)

Is A Game Of Thrones Prequel Series Going To Happen? (Kotaku)

March 19th

Bridge Implosion Of The Day (Hypervocal)

How To Make A 15lb Snickers Bar (Mandatory)

Cat Is Basically A Fireman (Clip Nation)

Five Types Of People Who Ruin Every Story (Cracked)

Homemade Creme Eggs (Food 52)

March 18th

The Gentleman’s Survival Kit (Trend Hunter)

Learning The Alphabet With Nicolas Cage (Clip Nation)

What Movie Execs Originally Thought Of Blade Runner (Neatorama)

An Antelope Saying “Huh?” (Daily Of The Day)

Wise Words From Bathroom Stalls (Buzzfeed)

March 15th

Revamped NES That Includes A Screen (Trend Hunter)

The Science Of Baldness (Geekosystem)

Macaroni & Cheese Pie With A Bacon Lattice (Buzzfeed)

30 Things Turning 30 This Year (Mental Floss)

Incredible Lord Of The Rings Sandcastle (Videogum)

March 14th

Iron Man Desk Lamp (Neatorama)

The Funniest Internet Tributes To The New Pope (Ranker)

1995 Game Of Thrones (Hypervocal)

The 15 Most Ridiculous Things Blamed On Google (Complex)

Mel Gibson Shooting At Dogs (Film Drunk)

March 13th

UK Map Of Where Bands Were Formed (Laughing Squid)

More Awkward Stock Photos (Buzzfeed)

10 Movie Characters And Scenes In LEGO (Mental Floss)

Portraits Of Superheroes And Their Alter Egos (Flavorwire)

Best Puddle Jumping Video Of The Day (Hypervocal)

March 12th

Star Wars Vs Star Trek Infographic (Design TAXI)

Penguins Are Clumsy (Neatorama)

Non-Existent Pop Culture Ben & Jerrys Flavours (Foodbeast)

The Lucky Charms Cheesecake (The Food In My Beard)

Basketball Celebration Gone Wrong (Clip Nation)

March 11th

The World's First Floating Vending Machine (Buzzfeed)

Dreadful Movie Parents (Pajiba)

New Star Trek Trailer (Geekosystem)

Old Man Kicks Venomous Snake In The Face (Uproxx)

What If Superheroes Were Sponsored (Behance)

March 8th

6 Board Games That Ruined It For Everyone (Cracked)

The 20 Definitive Walter White GIFs (Uproxx)

The Science Of Aging (Buzzfeed)

New After Earth Trailer (io9)

This Guy (Film Drunk)

March 7th

Breaking Bad As A 90s Sitcom (Hyper Vocal)

25 Things From 90s Movies You Don't See Anymore (Complex)

Why You Shouldn't Tweet About Your Teacher (Daily Dot)

The 8 Hardest Unimportant Descisions You'll Ever Have To Make (College Humor)

Animals With iPads (Geeks Are Sexy)

March 6th

The Little Lebowski (Hyper Vocal)

A Petition To Change The National Anthem To R Kelly's Ignition (Buzzfeed)

Minimalist Scientist Posters (Flavorwire)

Terrible Karate Supercut (Clip Nation)

The 10 Least Competent Time Travellers (io9)

March 5th

The Horrifying Deleted Timeline from Back To The Future (Cracked)

The 7 Most Demented Storylines from Saved By The Bell (Buzzfeed)

Map Of The Known Universe (Not Cot)

The Doctor Who Vending Machine (Hyper Vocal)

Avengers 2 Rumours (Mental Floss)

March 4th

Why Ferris Bueller Would End Up In Court (Visit Criminal Law)

Cats Bullying Dogs Supercut (Clip Nation)

The 5 Most Unintentionally Hilarious 80s Music Videos (Cracked)

Jack The Andre The Giant Slayer (Geekosystem)

10 Funny Cover Letters Found Online (Complex)

March 1st

If Famous Movie Scenes Used Internet Slang (Mandatory)

Dog Pushes Cat Into Bath (Hyper Vocal)

Eggs Benedict Vs Pope Benedict (Buzzfeed)

Star Wars Fruit & Vegetables (Neatorama)

A Gallery Of Envelopes That Claim To Be Important (Laughing Squid)

February 28th

50 Most Traumatising Kids Movie Moments (Clip Nation)

The Very Best Donkey Kong Mash-Ups (Buzzfeed)

Brad Downey's Street Art (Neatorama)

The World's Mot Insane Rope Swing (YouTube)

25 Pictures Of Dogs Wearing Better Sneakers Than You (Complex)

February 27th

Argo Home Alone (Neatorama)

Artworks That Resemble David Lynch's Hair (Design TAXI)

Which Jurassic Park Dinosaur Are You? (Buzzfeed)

The CV On A Chocolate Bar (Food Beast)

13 Real-Life Creepy Movie Locations (Mental Floss)

February 26th

The Best Celebrity Cameos In Video Games (Kotaku)

Animals Giving Tough Love (Clip Nation)

The A to Z Of Video Game Deaths (Ufunk)

Christoph Waltz As A 21-Year-Old On TV (Hyper Vocal)

9 Houses Built Just For Spite (Mental Floss)

February 25th

It’s a No-Brainer Supercut From Movies and TV (YouTube)

Famous Robots Illustration (Behance)

The Star Wars Family Tree (Geekologie)

Tetris Theme in Ragtime Style (YouTube)

Gollum Sings Les Miserables (Dorkly)

February 22nd

45 Iconic Tech Villains In Movies (Complex)

The Robotic Bat Wing Is A Thing (Geekosystem)

Critics Who Hated This Year's Best Picture Nominees (Buzzfeed)

How To Win At Pac-Man (Mental Floss)

Guy Orders The Most Expensive Drink At Starbucks (Food Beast)

February 21st

I Can't Believe These Are All TV Shows (Clip Nation)

Guilty Dogs Caught In The Act (The FW)

30 Movies Turning 30 (Buzzfeed)

An Otter Playing Basketball (Sports Grid)

People Who've Posted Their Credit Card On Twitter (Complex)

February 20th

The LEGO Ghostbusters Headquarters (Hi Consumption)

How To Become Pope (HyperVocal)

Steven Seagal Tries A Southern Accent. Is Hilarious (Film Drunk)

Real-World Super Villains (Pleated Jeans)

Where Are They Now: The Wire Edition (Complex)

February 19th

The Best Beer Ads Ever (Buzzfeed)

Giant Chocolate John McClane (Unreality)

The World's First Car Backflip (YouTube)

The 25 Worst Presidential Portraits Ever (Complex)

Scented Candles For Geeks (Incredible Things)

February 18th

Life Lessons From Super Mario Bros (Buzzfeed)

Spider-Man Hiding In A Wedding Cake (io9)

Groundbreaking Firsts That History Books Lied About (Cracked)

How Dogs Are Born In Russia (Clip Nation)

Pizza On Film Supercut (YouTube)

February 15th

The Marvelphabet (Laughing Squid)

Someone Should Have Given Us This Yesterday (Breaking Bad AMC)

Coping With House Of Cards Withdrawal (Buzzfeed)

The New Mario Kart Has A Tank (Kotaku)

How To Make Nutella Lollies (Food Beast)

February 14th

21 Funny Notes From Kids (Pleated Jeans)

Just A Cat Being A Prick (Buzzfeed)

Red Band Trailer For Trance (Coming Soon)

More Actors Who Look The Same On Every Poster (Cracked)

The Fresh Prince's 25 Greatest Outfits (Complex)

February 13th

The Best PS2 Games Ever (Games Radar)

Chihuahua Crashes Pigeon Party (Clip Nation)

Kate Upton + Body Paint (Hyper Vocal)

37 People Who Are Worse At Cooking Than You (BuzzFeed)

Between Two Ferns: Oscars Edition 2 (Pleated Jeans)

February 12th

Between Two Ferns: Oscars Edition (Funny Or Die)

18 Useless Fortune Cookies (Buzzfeed)

Dog Drives Himself To Park (Clip Nation)

6 Movie Characters You Didn't Know Suffered Horrible Deaths (Cracked)

11-Minute Sneak Peek At New Tomb Raider (Uproxx)

February 11th

The Are You Good At Following Flowcharts Flowchart (Neatorama)

Pigeon Hitches A Ride On A Car (YouTube)

Cool Star Wars Illustrations (Laughing Squid)

20 Words That Were Inspired By People (Flavorwire)

How To Cross The Road (Mental Floss)

February 7th

Pizza Pancakes (Laughing Squid)

The 25 Worst Grammar Police On Twitter (Buzzfeed)

The Dumb Mistakes Of Smart Movie Characters (Cracked)

A Christopher Walk-In (Imgur)

The 'Hit By Bus' Supercut (Clip Nation)

February 6th

Awesome Walking Dead Ad (Buzzfeed)

Clint Eastwood Squinting Supercut (YouTube)

Presidential Monster Action Figures (Geeks Are Sexy)

The 30 Worst Things To Happen To The Internet (Complex)

Cat Wears Sombrero And Rides Bike (Hyper Vocal)

February 5th

The Avengers/Breakfast Club Mash-Up (YouTube)

Vampire Weekend Announce New Album Via Classified Ad (Hyper Vocal)

What 1967 Thought 2001 Would Look Like (Mental Floss)

Stallone's 10 Cheesiest Lines (Next Movie)

The Least Smoothest Move Ever (Videogum)

February 4th

David Lynch Cake Pops (Laughing Squid)

Never Give The Microphone To A Fan (Clip Nation)

Alec Baldwin Is Also A Time Traveller/Vampire (Uproxx)

The Greatest Acts Of Trolling In The History Of Science (Cracked)

Awesome Vintage Menus Featuring Gross Vintage Food (Flavorwire)

February 1st

The 50 Most Important Lessons Learned From 30 Rock (Buzzfeed)

The Greatest Moments In Animal Sports Movies (Film)

How To Criticise Someone More Effectively (Mental Floss)

A Brief History Of Nerds In Popular Culture (Videogum)

The Greatest Celebrity Twitter Meltdowns (Complex)

January 31st

The Middle Earth Problem Solving Chart (Geeks Are Sexy)

Pez Dispenser With Your Head On Top (Incredible Things)

Awesome Superpowers That Would Suck In Real Life (Cracked)

Spinal Staircase (Neatorama)

The Lego Clock (Mashable)

January 30th

84-Year-Old Grandpa Plays Video Games (Clip Nation)

The 6 Weirdest Time Machines In Movies (Screen Junkies)

How To Ride An Escalator (Buzzfeed)

100 Worst Movie Deaths (Complex)

Creepy Black Mirror Ad (io9)

January 28th

Patrick Stewart In A Ball Pit (Neatorama)

Gremlins Gargoyles (Geek Art)

Baby Sock Terrifies Cat (Buzzfeed)

10 Notable Staircases (Mental Floss)

Dog Struggles With Spatial Awareness (Geekosystem)

January 25th

10 Most Bizarre Professions You Didn't Know Existed (Oddee)

A Nutritional Guide To Food In Video Games (Laughting Squid)

Internet Explorer's New 90s Nostalgia Video (YouTube)

9 Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along (Cracked)

Why You Shouldn't Text And Walk (Telegraph)

January 24th

Real Life Tetris (Hypebeast)

Business Cards Of Famous People (Gizmodo)

Google Translate Easter Eggs (Oddee)

Publications and Their Hidden Messages (Cracked)

January 23rd

Bad Writing Advice From Famous Authors (Flavorwire)

Cat Meets Snow (YouTube)

Disney's Acquisition Of Star Wars Was Pre-Ordained (Buzzfeed)

Time Zones in Antartica Geeks Are Sexy)

Film Plots from Shutterstock Photos (Uproxx)

January 22nd

Bill Clinton Photobombing (Hypervocal)

The Evolution Of The Movie Poster (Gizmodo)

How Keys Work In Gif Form (Gizmodo)

Awesome Stormtrooper Photography (Uproxx)

The Marvel Alphabet (Geeks Are Sexy)

January 21st

Important PSAs from Lord of the Rings (Buzzfeed)

Adam West's Batmobile Sold (BBC)

True Blood Meets Friends (YouTube)

Video Game Street Art (Pizza and Pixels)

Green Army Man Bottle Opener (Laughing Squid)

January 18th

Fruit Art (Neatorama)

Gandalf Problem Solving Flow Chart (Geeks Are Sexy)

Other Famous People Who Did Not Exist (Mental Floss)

The Spider Who Can't Hide (Wimp)

January 17th

Memorable Movie Quotes (Behance)

Real-life Mario Kart (Buzzfeed)

Realistic Reactions to Famous Movie Lines (Cracked)

TV and Movie Mashups (Trendhunter)

Using Your Fridge as a Canvas (Incredible Things)

The Ice Cream That Cures Flu (sort of) (Jenis)

Nike's Awesome New Ad

January 16th

Why You Should Never Take Online Comments Seriously (Neatorama)

Track The Oscar Buzz On Twitter (Twitter)

Lousy Book Covers (Lousy Book Covers)

Otter Loathes Watermelon (Film Drunk)

Can You Find The Corgi In These Pictures? (Buzzfeed)

January 15th

Real Mario Kart Race (Kotaku)

Iconic Skylines That Were Almost Ridiculous (Cracked)

Head-Scratching Kitten Illusion (Laughing Squid)

Calendar Of Acceptable Excuses For Why You're Fat (College Humor)

The World's Craziest Sports Fan (Buzzfeed)

January 14th

The Evolution Of Superman Logos (Design TAXI)

I Can Explain Supercut (Laughing Squid)

Obscure References in Classic Songs Explained (Mental Floss)

The Star Wars Silhouette Alphabet (io9)

15 Celebrities Who Gained The Most Twitter Followers In A Single Day (Complex)

January 11th

8-Bit Kill Bill Game (Flavour Machine)

Honest Titles For Oscar Movies (Pleated Jeans)

Hunter S Thompson's Daily Routine (Buzzfeed)

Greatest Headline Ever (Hypervocal)

The Avengers FX Reel (io9)

January 9th

The Most Anti-Social Woman On the Planet (Happy Place)

Awesome New Jacket Design For 1984 (Buzzfeed)

16-Bit Video Game Tribute To Lost (Kotaku)

The Scariest Scenes In Cinema (Flavorwire)

Impossible Video Games Dealing With Real Life Situations (Laughing Squid)

January 8th

Crow Is A Blatant Thief (Neatorama)

Amazing Roles Almost Played By Nicolas Cage (Ranker)

The Ultimate News Bloopers Supercut (Buzzfeed)

The Hulk Stapler (Geeks Are Sexy)

Chocolate, Peanut Butter And Banana Ale (Laughing Squid)

January 7th

Cool Cassette Poster (Atelier Defense D'Afficher)

The Delete My Browser Medical Bracelet (Laughing Squid)

Awesome Beer Diagram Poster (Kickstarter)

The Best Of 'Grandma Finds The Internet' Meme (Uproxx)

Arnie Crushing A Car With A Tank (Film Drunk)

January 4th

How To Wrap Your House In Bacon (Movoto)

10 Snack Foods Originally Sold As Medicines (The Week)

This Girl Is Really Good At Facebook Cover Photos (Pleated Jeans)

New Trailer For A Good Day To Die Hard (Film Drunk)

The 10 Worst Ads Of 2012 (Uproxx)

January 3rd

23 Horrifying Foods From The Dollar Store (Buzzfeed)

Movie Franchise Maps (Design TAXI)

Reverse Fireworks (Colossal)

21 Extremely Shocked Animals (Pleated Jeans)

The 25 Highest Grossing Films Of 2012 (Film Drunk)

January 2nd

Fictional Birthday Infographics (Flavorwire)

80s Movie Characters Painting (Laughing Squid)

The Biology Of A Hangover (The Roosevelts)

Is Jay-Z Scoring The Great Gatsby (Uproxx)

Training Montage Montage (Pleated Jeans)

December 21st

Egg Nog Cologne (Food Beast)

Famous People Playing Themselves Supercut (Laughing Squid)

An Alfred Hitchcock Christmas (Incidental Comics)

The DeLorean LEGO Kit Is Coming (Bleeding Cool)

10 Worst Style Trends Of 2012 (Complex)

December 20th

Captain America Xbox Console (Laughing Squid)

The Best Tweets Of 2012 (The Chive)

Awesome Movie Future Supercut (Buzzfeed)

18 Extremely Helpful Animals (Pleated Jeans)

The BeetBox (Kotaku)

December 19th

Amazing Drawings Of Famous Movie Scenes (Design TAXI)

The Alien Salad (Neatorama)

Anne Hathaway And Samuel L Jackson Have A Sad Off (Funny Or Die)

The Worst Free Kick Ever (Total Pro Sports)

10 Pugs That Look Like Things (Pleated Jeans)

December 18th

Worst Wrapping Paper Ever (Laughing Squid)

24 Gifs Of Cats Being Idiots (Imgur)

The xx Cover Last Christmas (Buzzfeed)

12 Letters That Didn't Make The Alphabet (Mental Floss)

The Most Easily Scared Man In The World (Hypervocal)

December 17th

A Christmas Chemistree (Laughing Squid)

Power Rangers Vs Pacific Rim (Geekosystem)

The Internet's Best Tributes To Home Alone (Uproxx)

The 50 Best Gadgets Of 2012 (Complex)

Awesome Fonts Infographic (Buzzfeed)

December 14th

The Big Internet Museum (The Big Internet Museum)

The Most Disturbing Batman Logo You'll (probably) Ever See (Buzzfeed)

Game of Thrones Meets Marvel Art (Deviant Art)

The Overview Effect (Vimeo)

Death Star Petition Requires White House Response (Buzzfeed)

December 13th

The Bulletproof Briefcase (Trendhunter)

Alternative Movie Endings Posters (Geek Tyrant)

The Lego Santa Claus (Geeks Are Sexy)

The Chris(tmas) Walken Tree (Buzzfeed)

Buy The Scooby Gang's Mystery Machine Van (ebay)

December 12th

Google In The 60s (Masswerk)

Back To The Future Tattoo (Neatorama)

The 50 Best Apps Of 2012 (Complex)

Breaking Bad In The Style Of The Wire (Uproxx)

Greatest Characters From Tarantino Films (Screen Junkies)

December 11th

Beer And Bacon Battered Doritos (Food Beast)

Insane Real Life Versions Of Video Games (Cracked)

How To Make The World's Most Expensive Cup Of Coffee (Buzzfeed)

Worst Free Throw Ever (YouTube)

The 10 Worst-Reviewed Films Of 2012 (The Week)

December 10th

Arrested Development As A Series Of 8-bit Nintendo Games (Buzzfeed)

5 Ways Superman Is Scientifically Realistic (Cracked)

The Most Disturbing Face Swaps Of 2012 (Buzzfeed)

The Truth About WiFi (Geeks Are Sexy)

How Drunk Can You Get At The Office Christmas Party? (Bit Rebels)

December 7th

Liam Neeson Always Has To Have The Last Word (Buzzfeed)

An Edible iPhone Case (Design TAXI)

Creepy Wiggling USB Tentacle (Gizmodo)

What Ten McDonald’s Burgers Combined Into One Looks Like (Food Beast)

Awe-Inspiring Walking Dead Infographic (National Post)

December 6th

Nintendo Infographic (Mashable)

Dogs Are Learning To Drive (Uproxx)

The 100 Best Nikes Of All Time (Complex)

A Very Short History Of The Gif (Buzzfeed)

Worst Presents Ever (The Worst Things For Sale)

December 5th

Poster Of Every Acme Product Ever (Kickstarter)

Amazing Gifs Of Chemical Reactions (Buzzfeed)

Your Favourite Songs Turned Into Bad Ringtones (Crappy Ringtones)

The 25 Corniest Celebrity Twitter Bios (Complex)

The 15 Best Movie Santas (College Humor)

December 4th

2012 Movie Supercut (Buzzfeed)

McDonald’s Bagel Burgers (Design TAXI)

Star Trek Pizza Cutter (Trend Hunter)

Weird 90s Mentos Ad (Laughing Squid)

Worst Basketball Shot Ever (Hypervocal)

December 3rd

A Crow Feeds A Cat And A Dog (Buzzfeed)

Wine Ice Cream (Food Beast)

How To Make A Beer Can Advent Calendar (Laughing Squid)

Alternative Christmas Sweaters (Flavorwire)

The 25 Funniest Memes Of November 2012 (Complex)

November 30th

The DeLorean Taxi (Trend Hunter)

The 20 Weakest Moustaches Of Movember (Buzzfeed)

The Chocolate Nachos (Food Beast)

The Meat Nativity (Laughing Squid)

10 Lies Video Games Tell Us About War (Games Radar)

November 29th

Bacon Shaving Cream (Design TAXI)

The Shining Bobble Hat (Dangerous Minds)

Final Django Unchained Trailer (Coming Soon)

A Bowl Of LEGO Ramen Soup (Food Beast)

Incredible Treehouses (My Modern Met)

November 28th

World’s Weirdest Cinemas (Flavorwire)

Creepy Heat-Resistant Chocolate (Food Beast)

50 Hottest Femme Fatales Ever (Complex)

Official Pac-Man Ghost Lamps (Technabob)

Scariest Prank Ever (Buzzfeed)

November 27th

What Would Happen If Mario Died? (Games Radar)

Someone Actually Named Their Kid Hashtag (Uproxx)

Official Star Trek 2 Synopsis (io9)

Why English Is Hard To Learn (Geeks Are Sexy)

Chinese Newspaper Makes Hilariously Awful Mistake (Buzzfeed)

November 26th

Dog Fetches Cat (Buzzfeed)

Val Kilmer As Mark Twain (Hypervocal)

5 Types Of Romantic Comedy Posters (College Humor)

Wine Pairings For The Apocalypse (io9)

Graphic Design Advent Calendar (Trend Hunter)

November 23rd

Game Of Thrones As A Seinfeld Sitcom (Buzzfeed)

Surprising Health Benefits Of Playing Video Games (Geeks Are Sexy)

The "You're Doing It Wrong" Compilation (YouTube)

50 Unfilmable Comic Books (Total Film)

Horribly Addictive Game (Circle The Cat)

November 22nd

The Combat Frying Pan (Trend Hunter)

Best Keyboard Ever (Incredible Things)

The Bizarre Killer Karaoke TV Show (YouTube)

Blueprint Placemats (Laughing Squid)

Creepy Dark Skies Trailer (Empire Online)

November 21st

Which James Bond Villain Plan Would Have Worked? (Vulture)

Headline Of The Day (Neatorama)

Famous Fictional Weapons (Laughing Squid)

The Columbo Encyclopaedia (The Columbo Encyclopaedia)

Star Wars Lego Mosaics (Technabob)

November 20th

The Saddest Comedies Ever Made (Flavorwire)

The Retro Solitaire Playing Cards (Laughing Squid)

Only God Forgives Poster (Empire Online)

The Mobile Office (Neatorama)

Eight Minutes Of The Red Dawn Remake (io9)

November 19th

The Evolution Of The Mobile Phone In One Picture (Gizmodo)

The Defibrillator Toaster (Food Beast)

New Robocop Costume Art (Geekosystem)

The Six Most Brutal Murders Committed By Batman (Cracked)

Bored Fat Cat Is Sick Of Everything (Buzzfeed)

November 16th

They’re Standing Right Behind Me Supercut (Buzzfeed)

The Solar System Visualised (Chrome Experiments)

The World’s Worst Hotel (Oddity Central)

Best Pizza Cutter Ever (Trend Hunter)

People At Weddings Are Mean (Hypervocal)

November 15th

Celebrity Moustache Quiz (Buzzfeed)

Bored Animals Are Just Like Bored People (Geekosystem)

The 10 Manliest Funerals Ever (Guy Code)

Magazine Ad Placement Of The Day (Hyper Vocal)

Microsoft And Sony Could Have Had The Wii (Uproxx)

November 14th

21 Things We Learned From Super Mario Kart 64 (Buzzfeed)

The World's Ugliest Buildings (The Huffington Post)

Potential Blockbusters Killed By The Internet (Flavorwire)

The Tomorrow People Getting A Remake (io9)

Alcoholic Christmas Ornaments (Trend Hunter)

November 13th

And The Word Of The Year Is... (Time)

The Real Deserted Island From Skyfall (/Film)

Great American Leaders Riding Dinosaurs (Geeks Are Sexy)

HR Giger's Mouse (Neatorama)

Characters Jumping Through Glass Supercut (Film Drunk)

November 12th

How To Make Burgers Like Frank Sinatra (Buzzfeed)

George Washington Riding A Pterodactyl Printed On A Dictionary Page (Neatorama)

The Boombox Wristwatch (Laughing Squid)

Lots Of Useless Websites (The Useless Web)

Gamers Get Girls Infographic (Geeks Are Sexy)

November 9th

Minimalist New Star Wars Posters (Etsy)

Gym Options (Neatorama)

The 50 Coolest Bond Gadgets (Complex)

Why Do Paper Cuts Hurt So Much? (io9)

GTAV Is Going To Be Huge (Kotaku)

November 8th

The Chewbacca Cake (Neatorama)

10 Absurd Albums That Actually Exist (Flavorwire)

Should You Get Out Of The Shower Flowchart (The Poke)

The World's Most Expensive Fridge (Food Beast)

Breakfast Cereal Art (Laughing Squid)

November 7th

Bowling Pin Lamp (Neatorama)

The Most Ridiculous Movie Computers (Wired)

The Election Results In 12 Gifs (HyperVocal)

The Back To The Future Cake (Geeks Are Sexy)

Pizza Ice Cream (Incredible Things)

November 6th

James Bond's Sex Life Infographic (

When Animals Save Humans (Cracked)

Is Han Solo Coming Back? (/Film)

The Greatest Movie Speeches (Flavorwire)

A Tool Cabinet Made From An Amp (Imgur)

November 5th

Emergency Compliment (Emergency Compliment)

Pop Culture Robots (Design TAXI)

TV Test Card Drink Mats (Trend Hunter)

Darth Vader Tells Disney Characters He’s Their Father (io9)

20 Weirdest Skymall Products (Buzzfeed)

November 2nd

Cat Thief Gets What He Deserves (Buzzfeed)

If Fonts Wore Moustaches (Design TAXI)

Rap Colouring In Book (Rap Coloring Book)

Misheard Lyrics Supercut (Cheezburger)

Luke Skywalker's Adoption (Geeks Are Sexy)

November 1st

Animals Playing Dead Supercut (Neatorama)

The Overly Attached 8-Year-Old (Buzzfeed)

The Twix Cake (Food Beast)

What Mark Hamill Thinks About The Star Wars News (/Film)

Russian Cat Boxing Match (The Poke)

October 31st

The Tetris pumpkin (via BitRebels)

New profile picture courtesy of Hurricane Sandy (via Neatorama)

How to make and eat the origami burrito (via Foodbeast)

If the Presidential election was like Pepsi vs Coke (via Neatorama)

Wes Anderson films in one poster (via

October 30th

First image from Arrested Development Season 4 (Hollywood Reporter)

What your favourite scary movie says about you (Flavorwire)

The Mike Myers and Michael Myers Mash-up (YouTube)

Magpie's Curse (The Poke)

Thor as a HedgeHog (Buzzfeed)

October 29th

Spurs Fans Squabble Over Shirt – One Offers Money, The Other Walks Away (Who Ate All The Pies)

The Hobbit Releases New TV Spot (Total Film)

Steve Jobs Yacht Finally Complete (Geekosystem)

The Batman Scream Tattoo (Neatorama)

Geometric Food Art (DesignBoom)

October 26th

The bacon clock (Incredible Things)

The Walking Dead minimalist art (Bit Rebels)

The turkey ice cream cake (Flavorwire)

Carve a pumpkin using a gun (YouTube)

October 25th

Heartbreaking Unrequited Love Between A Raccoon & A Cat (Buzzfeed)

Darth Vader Made Out Of Darth Vader Toys (Neatorama)

The Evil Dead Trailer (Empire Online)

Creepy Headless Turkey Costume (Laughing Squid)

10 Most Viral Tom Hanks Moments (Uproxx)

October 24th

Famous Works Of Art Halloween Costumes (Flavorwire)

Awesome Above The Clouds Photography (Buzzfeed)

Bizarre Hobbit Fast Food Menu (io9)

The Bacon Clock (Cheezburger)

Funny Lost Phone Texts (Geeks Are Sexy)

October 23rd

Star Wars Scarecrows (io9)

This Cat Wins At Camoflage (Buzzfeed)

The 10 Best Films Of The 1890s (The AV Club)

The Best Of The Evil Toddler Meme (Pleated Jeans)

15 Authors' Epitaphs (Flavorwire)

October 22nd

The Iron Man 3 Trailer Trailer (YouTube)

Cat Special Forces (Neatorama)

Alien Vs Predator: Early Years (Buzzfeed)

Threatening Tooth Fairy Letters (Passive Aggressive Notes)

TV Halloween Supercut (Laughing Squid)

October 19th

How McDonald’s Makes Its French Fries (Gizmodo)

Our New Favourite Bond Infographic (The Economist)

How To Make Breakfast Nachos (Food Beast)

Cats Who Look Like Pin-Up Girls (Buzzfeed)

Burger King Bird Feeder (Neatorama)

October 18th

Famous Logos With Comic Sans (Laughing Squid)

Worst Unnecessary Quotation Marks Ever (Buzzfeed)

Blade Runner Whisky Tumblers (Trend Hunter)

10 Most Earnest Celebrity Endorsements (Film Drunk)

The Shortlists For The Stuff Awards Have Been Announced. We Like Shortlists. (Stuff)

October 17th

Zombie Cupcake (Trend Hunter)

Awesome Mondo Monsters Posters (/Film)

Someone Paid $10k for McDonald's BBQ Sauce (Buzzfeed)

Medieval Star Wars Illustrations (Laughing Squid)

The Bacon Turtle Burgers (Bacon Today)

October 16th

The Amazing Spider-Man Deleted Scenes (io9)

Monster Mash (Neatorama)

Snoop's Depressing Pocket Like It's Hot (Laughing Squid)

The World's End Poster (Geeks Are Sexy)

Most Popular Funeral Songs (Uproxx)

October 15th

Fear And Loathing Cupcakes (Laughing Squid)

The Human Body As A Tube Map (Design TAXI)

Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener (Trend Hunter)

How To Sip Coke Like A Sir (YouTube)

What Happens When You Cross An Ewok With Yoda (Okiwoki)

October 12th

Christopher Walken's 10 Most Insane Performances (Flavorwire)

The Black Keys Collaborate With RZA (Buzzfeed)

New Zero Dark Thirty Trailer (/Film)

Costume Ideas For Droids (Andrea Gerstmann)

The Geekiest Pumpkins Ever (Geeks Are Sexy)

October 11th

How Much Would James Bond Cost The Taxpayer? (Mashable)

Insane Jurassic Park 4 Concept Art (Buzzfeed)

The Demography Of Middle Earth (Neatorama)

The First Five Minutes Of American Horror Story Season 2 (io9)

Bizarre New Pringles Flavours (Food Beast)

October 10th

Pedestrian Penalty Cards (Hypervocal)

Pumpkin-Carving Hacks (Buzzfeed)

The Ultimate Dog Shaming (Kotaku)

The Looper Timeline Infographic (Film Drunk)

Creepy Family Portrait (Neatorama)

October 9th

Scathing Early Reviews Of Classic Novels (Flavorwire)

When Bees Eat M&Ms (Food Beast)

The Avengers With Pugs (Film Drunk)

The Toughest Cat In the World (Hypervocal)

This Is How A Drop Of Water Freezes (Neatorama)

October 8th

Racing Dogs (Neatorama)

The Human Zoo (Buzzfeed)

Hungry Hungry Hippos Trailer (YouTube)

Predicting The Rest Of The Taken Franchise (Entertainment Weekly)

Say Anything In Real Life (Hypervocal)

October 4th

If Looper Was A 90s Disney Comedy (Flavorwire)

The Alcoholic Pizza (Food Beast)

New American Horror Story Trailer (YouTube)

Just Bead It (Neatorama)

Animals Hate Mirrors (Kotaku)

October 3rd

The Transformers Hoodies (Trend Hunter)

If Indiana Jones Was Animated (Buzzfeed)

15 Animals Who Think They're Famous People (Hypervocal)

Dr Strangelove In LEGO (Flavorwire)

Shark Vs Octopus (Uproxx)

October 2nd

Photoshop's New Chinese Food Tool (Laughing Squid)

Every On-Screen Drink In Mad Men (Buzzfeed)

Sesame Street Does Boardwalk Empire (Geekosystem)

9 Tips For 2013 Oscar Host Seth McFarlane (The Week)

Human Yoda Is Nightmarish (Kotaku)

October 1st

Superman's bad day (Geeks Are Sexy)

Pacman propaganda (Behance)

Epic Star Wars infographics (Buzzfeed)

Cat sings Star Wars theme (YouTube)

September 28th

Which Actor Has A Higher IQ Than Stephen Hawking? (Unreality)

Confused Bruce Willis Supercut (Film)

Four Of The World's Dumbest Animals (Neatorama)

How Coffee And Hula Hoops Can Create An Owl (Buzzfeed)

The Worst Movie Death Scene Ever (io9)

September 27th

Meat Shot Glasses (Geekosystem)

20 Years Of The Scroll Bar (Buzzfeed)

Giant Corgi Takes On Everything (Geeks Are Sexy)

Intriguing Stoker Trailer (Film Drunk)

Can A Foil Hat Really Stop Aliens From Reading Your Thoughts? (Mental Floss)

September 26th

Beer-Holding Belt Buckle (Laughing Squid)

Star Wars Soothes Crying Baby (Hypervocal)

Movie Dinner Parties You'd Like To Crash (Buzzfeed)

How Long It Takes To Afford A Beer Around The World (Design Taxi)

Star Wars Noir Posters (Trend Hunter)

September 25th

Alien Horse (Buzzfeed)

LEGO Bento (Neatorama)

How To Describe Doctor Who To Different People (Geeks Are Sexy)

New Life Of Pi Trailer (Film Drunk)

World's Oldest Message In A Bottle (io9)

September 24th

Gorillas Entertained By Caterpillar (Buzzfeed)

Wario's Dilemma (Geeks Are Sexy)

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs (Time)

Worst Cop Movie Clichés (Film)

The Most Interesting Dog In The World (Worldwide Interweb)

September 21st

Chestburster Cuddly Toy (Geeks Are Sexy)

This Is Not A Safe Way To Drive (Buzzfeed)

Hero Pig! (Huffington Post)

Big Almost Starred Andy Garcia (Film Drunk)

Best Corner Office Ever? (Neatorama)

September 20th

New Skyfall TV Spot (Total Film)

How Joseph Gordon-Levitt became Bruce Willis in Looper (io9)

13 Geeky Pies (Mental Floss)

Authors Who Dropped Out Of School (Flavorwire)

This Robot Has Swagger (Worldwide Interweb)

September 19th

Airplane Flight Timelapse (Buzzfeed)

Social Media Explained With Bacon (Geeks Are Sexy)

If Portal Was An 80s Animated Movie (io9)

Platoon With Toy Soldiers (Neatorama)

Malcolm In The Middle Reunion (Laughing Squid)

September 18th

Worst Thing Ever (With Leather)

The Most Disgusting Cartoon Themed Snacks From Your Childhood (Flavorwire)

New Kick Ass 2 Set Pics (io9)

Is Killer Instinct Making A Comeback? (Play XBLA)

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs (Laughing Squid)

September 17th

The 25 Greatest Local News Interviewee Descriptions (Uproxx)

Harrison Ford Makes a Joke About Broccoli (Buzzfeed)

Movie Fan Theory Posters (io9)

Doctor Who Guess Who (Neatorama)

The 10 Most Memorable Quotes In Video Game History (Guy Speed)

September 14th

Video Game Controller Soaps (Laughing Squid)

How To Cook Like A Cowboy (Buzzfeed)

Google Allows Kevin Bacon Search Facility (Gawker)

13 Greatest Zombie Films Ever Made (io9)

Godzilla Aiming For 2014 (Deadline)

September 13th

Dogs Hate Wearing Boots Supercut (Buzzfeed)

Hungry Hungry Koopas (Geeks Are Sexy)

If WALL-E And EVE Were Ready For War (Neatorama)

Greatest Chase Sequences (Total Film)

More Details On The Avengers TV Show (io9)

September 12th

This Cat Is Sitting Like A Human (Buzzfeed)

4 Ways The iPhone 5 Might Disappoint (The Week)

Game Of Thrones Cocktails (Geeks Are Sexy)

10 Amazing Cave Homes (Flavorwire)

The VHS Skull (Trend Hunter)

September 11th

The Trailer For The Lincoln Trailer (Gawker)

The Real Scar From Lion King (Buzzfeed)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lego (Geekosystem)

Abandoned Record Shop Pictures (Flavorwire)

Most Horrific Cake Ever (Neatorama)

September 10th

How To Make A Gif In Five Easy Steps (Gizmodo)

Best Bus Stop Ever? (Neatorama)

Raccoon Plays Dentist For A Beagle (YouTube)

Real Life Bert and Ernie (Buzzfeed)

A Duck-Billed Muzzle For Dogs (Laughing Squid)

September 7th

An X-Ray Of A Stingray (Buzzfeed)

R2-D2 Suitcase (Geeks Are Sexy)

600 Movies In 2 1/2 Minutes (Cheezburger)

The History Of The World In 2 Minutes (Worldwide Interweb)

Secrets Of The Avengers (io9)

September 6th

Super Mario Electric Guitar Is Super (Geeks Are Sexy)

The Notorious P.U.G. (The Flying Scotsman)

Cinematic Apocalypse Supercut (Flavorwire)

Passive-Aggressive Wireless Network Names (Happy Place)

Daiane Sodre Is Your New Favourite Victoria's Secret Model (Popoholic)

September 5th

Assassin's Creed Meets Parkour In Real Life (YouTube)

Mad Men Meets Rick Astley (Uproxx)

New Walking Dead Clip (io9)

The Pool Cue With A Laser (Trend Hunter)

Samurai Dog Armour (Neatorama)

September 4th

Early Movie Concept Art (Screen Crush)

Star Wars Vs Star Trek Infographic (Geeks Are Sexy)

The Smartest Dog In Pakistan (Buzzfeed)

Abandoned Olympic Sites Around The World (Flavorwire)

Worst Offer Ever (Neatorama)

September 3rd

Pac-Man Is A Monster (Buzzfeed)

How To Make White House Beers (Neatorama)

How 13 Video Games Got Their Names (Mental Floss)

Bacon Coffee (NY Daily News)

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor (Geeks Are Sexy)

August 31st

Cat And Dog Fight Over A Cheeseburger (Buzzfeed)

Mario Warfare (Geekosystem)

New Seven Psychopaths Trailer (Coming Soon)

The Shakespeare Insult Kit (Geeks Are Sexy)

Chimps Don't Care About Crime (io9)

August 30th

The Dude Behind "The Dude" (Buzzfeed)

Celebrity Portraits Made From Keyboard Keys (Flavorwire)

Best Character Intros From Sci-Fi And Fantasy Movies (io9)

Play GTA As Marty McFly (Mental Floss)

Vintage Ads Promoting Dangerous Products (Laughing Squid)

August 29th

Alternate Avengers Opening (Total Film)

Where Are 90s TV Teachers Now? (Flavorwire)

The NES Toaster (Trend Hunter)

If Batman Existed In 1930s Shanghai (Buzzfeed)

The World's Longest Bus (Neatorama)

August 28th

The Candy Wrapper Archive (Laughing Squid)

Famous Architects Dressed As Their Buildings (Retronaut)

8-Bit Looper Trailer (Kotaku)

Confusingly Tasty Steak Pops (Instructables)

TV’s Most Inappropriate Offices (Buzzfeed)

August 24th

Bulldog Bravely Battles Sleep (Huffington Post)

Inspirational Hamster Is Inspirational (Buzzfeed)

Lionel Richie Cheese Platter (Laughing Squid)

The Best/Worst Retro PC Box Art (Kotaku)

Brilliant Fake Security System (Neatorama)

August 23rd

Embarassing Dad Dancing (Gawker)

Literary Quotes Matched With Doughnuts (Dough Country For Old Men)

Cinematic Temper Tantrum Supercut (YouTube)

The Origin Of D'oh (Buzzfeed)

Internet Addiction On Roseanne (Laughing Squid)

August 22nd

10 Comedies Based On True Stories (Flavorwire)

The Neverending Story Tattoo (Neatorama)

Inaccurate Knock-Offs Of Famous Brands (Buzzfeed)

Uncommon Celebrity Lookalikes (Hypervocal)

The Most Disgusting Chewing Gum Ever? (Kotaku)

August 21st

How Hollywood Converts Novels Into Movies (Laughing Squid)

Airport Cart Driver Making His Own Beep Noises (YouTube)

Chill Cat Is Chill (Buzzfeed)

Darth Vader Air Balloon (Geeks Are Sexy)

The BBQ Sundae (Neatorama)

August 20th

The Music Map Of Great Britain (Buzzfeed)

Dogs Shamed For Their Crimes (Dog Shaming)

American Horror Story Season 2 Teaser (Shock Til You Drop)

Soup Muffins (Cheezburger)

Ninja Cats (YouTube)

August 17th

Best Pencil Case Ever (Buzzfeed)

Spiders Love Chasing Lasers Too (Gizmodo)

Every time Scully sais "Oh my God" in The X Files (Dangerous Minds)

Cool Shots Of Exploding Paint (Flavorwire)

Doctor Who Cookie Cutters (Neatorama)

August 16th

Fake Tube Signs (Buzzfeed)

The Stationary Gun (Geeks Are Sexy)

News On Prometheus Deleted Scenes (/Film)

A Kit Kat Cake Topped With M&Ms (Neatorama)

15 Animals Who Love Shark Week (Hypervocal)

August 15th

This Cat Is A Jerk (YouTube)

Zombie Head Gumball Machine (Buzzfeed)

Helvetica Heroes (Geeks Are Sexy)

How To Beat Overeating (Laughing Squid)

Most Absurd Hip-Hop Lyrics Ever (Flavorwire)

August 14th

How Bane could take over Gotham using social media (CreatixMarketing)

‘Baby got back’ done by the movies (YouTube)

Star Wars origami (Werd)

The burrito sleeping bag (Bit Rebels)

Nintendo zapper holster (EverydayNoDaysOff)

August 13th

Giant euro makes everything look small (Imgur)

Usain Bolt vs Gravity (YouTube)

The DeLorean car boat/boat car (YouTube)

Dog steals cabbage (Buzzfeed)

Toothpaste and Orange juice ice cream (Incredible Things)

August 10th

The Meat Briefcase (Neatorama)

The Signatures Of Famous Authors (Buzzfeed)

Maniacal Movie Laughs Supercut (YouTube)

Back To The Future II Hoverboard Test Footage (/Film)

Every Olympics Google Doodle (Hypervocal)

August 9th

The Tetris Lamp (Firebox)

People Walking Into Stuff (Buzzfeed)

Confident Kid Is More Confident Than You (22 Words)

Robots Are Sexist (io9)

Nintendo Once Made A Vacuum Cleaner (Kotaku)

August 8th

This Cat Really Hates Brooms (Buzzfeed)

Funniest Job Application Error (Hypervocal)

New Homeland Season 2 Trailer (The Daily What)

Science Proves Luke Skywalker Would Have Died In Tauntaun's Belly (io9)

Best Drunk Impression Ever on Judge Judy (YouTube)

August 7

Mars surface on an Oreo

Mario’s horrible secret

The Karate Kid rehearsals

Concrete chair

Video game dating advice

A better way to eat ketchup

Obama’s head carved out of a pencil point

August 6th

Footballer scores with his face (Who Ate All The Pies)

The Wonder years without the voice over (Buzzfeed)

Passenger kept on hold for 15 hours (Daily Mail)

New Django Unchained poster (IMP Awards)

The worst 'tackle' in the history of football (YouTube)

August 2nd

Medal Count Counts Medals For You (Medal Count)

Super Polite Horse Is Super Polite (Buzzfeed)

Good Deed Of The Day (Reddit)

Taken But With A Real Dad (Gawker)

New Doctor Who Trailer (io9)

August 1st

13 People Who Literally Don't Know What Literally Means (Hypervocal)

Cat Takes Down Raccoon (Buzzfeed)

Ultimate Internet Infographic (Dvice)

Doctor Who Converse (The Daily What)

Life For A Xenomorph Teenager (Geeks Are Sexy)

July 31st

The Imperial March On A Washing Machine (Buzzfeed)

The Best Chris Brown Album Review Ever (Hypervocal)

Optimus Prime Wedding Cake (Neatorama)

New Taken 2 Trailer (/Film)

Gotham Headlines During The Dark Knight Rises (College Humor)

July 30th

New Skyfall TV Spot (Gawker)

Bowls Made From Comic Books (Buzzfeed)

Busy Cat Is Busy (Neatorama)

A Walrus Dancing To Michael Jackson (YouTube)

21 Countries With One Olympic Medal (Mental Floss)

July 27th

If 2001 Was Released Today, This Would Be The Awful Trailer (io9)

The World's First Portable Computer (Geeks Are Sexy)

Superhero Squirrels (Buzzfeed)

Cool Total Recall Posters (F*** Yeah Movie Posters)

This Guy Prefers His Breakfast To The Olympics (Geekosystem)

July 26th

5 Movies Made Possible By Characters Who Suck At Their Jobs (Cracked)

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves (Laughing Squid)

The World's Most Unique Playgrounds (Neatorama)

Sports Cut From The Olympics (Mental Floss)

Aston Martin PC Case (Kotaku)

July 25th

What Kind Of Superhero Are You? (College Humor)

Bourne Legacy Featurette (/Film)

Street Fighter Lego (Kotaku)

The Breakfast Pizza (Cupcakes and Cashmere)

New Dracula TV Show On The Way (Flavorwire)

July 24th

Super Mario In Post-It Adventure (Buzzfeed)

Dog Gives Cat A Lift (Neatorama)

Diff'rent Strokes With A Disturbing Theme Tune (The Daily What)

How To React To A Chris Nolan Film (/Film)

Batman Theme Gets Hipster Cover (Geekosystem)

July 23rd

New Trailer For The Campaign (Buzzfeed)

The Bacon Rock (Neatorama)

The Coolest Signatures Of Artists (Flavorwire)

The Truth Behind Instagram (Laughing Squid)

Baby Alpaca Looking At Photos On A MacBook Pro (YouTube)

July 20th

The Three-Boobed Woman From The Total Recall Remake (Buzzfeed)

The Cast Of Doctor Who Singing Bohemian Rhapsody (Neatorama)

The Electric Bicycle (Laughing Squid)

Famous Roles Almost Played By Bill Murray (Ranker)

Miles Davis Hated Everything (Kotaku)

July 19th

18 Things To Scream At A Cow (Buzzfeed)

The Drum Kit Chandelier (Laughing Squid)

135 Shots That Will Restore Your Faith In Cinema (/Film)

The Skateboard Swing (Neatorama)

Hitchcock Tells You How To Watch Psycho (Flavorwire)

July 18th

A Tribute To Old Video Game Maps (Kotaku)

If Ripley Had Kept Her Alien Child (Neatorama)

The Hot Dog Dicer Is Worryingly Real (YouTube)

12 Ways To Make Yourself Look Insane (Buzzfeed)

New Clip From Total Recall (io9)

July 17th

Every Gunshot In The Die Hard Movies (The Daily What)

Cow Tells Dog A Secret (Buzzfeed)

Darth Vader Has A Conversation With His 12-Year Old Self (Laughing Squid)

10 Things You Didn't Know About Batman (i09)

Ultimate Olympics Infographic (

July 16th

Disturbing Pictures Drawn By Children (Buzzfeed)

The Universe Is On Twitter (Neatorama)

Batman Evolution Infographic (Design Taxi)

Luckiest Man In Russia (The Daily What)

Bacon & Syrup Beer (Laughing Squid)

July 13th

Dog Tries And Fails To Eat Moving Cars (The Daily What)

Details On Skyfall IMAX Trailer (/Film)

Olympics Chart Shows History Of Events Involved (MGMT Design)

Why Saved By The Bell Was All A Dream (Cracked)

Creepy Cat Watches You Sleep (Buzzfeed)

July 12th

Dog Surprisingly Good At Hide And Seek (Buzzfeed)

How To Turn A Lake Into A Water Park (Hypebeast)

Most Memorable TV Moments Of The Last 50 Years (Mediaite)

Weirdest Etsy Items Of The Year So Far (Hyper Vocal)

Playing Football With Tigers And Lions (Laughing Squid)

July 11th

Amazing Human Kaleidoscope (Buzzfeed)

Shocking Original Logos For 10 Major Companies (Flavorwire)

Faces Painted On Found Cans (Laughing Squid)

Bizarrely Humour-Filled TV Spot For Dark Knight Rises (YouTube)

Banksy Dog (Animals Being Dicks)

July 10th

Font Bomb (Font Bomb)

Evil Cat Supercut (Buzzfeed)

The Downside Of Superhero Journalists (Discover Magazine)

Celebrity Face Equations (Facemath)

The Basketball Tree (Laughing Squid)

July 9th

Orcas Create Waves To Screw Seals Over (Super Punch)

Worrying Russian Theme Park Ride (The Daily What)

Cat Rudely Interrupts News Report (Buzzfeed)

Epic Detention Doodle (Slightly Warped)

It's Time-Lapse Time (Lapse) (Laughing Squid)

July 5th

Pictures Of Kurt Cobain Looking Happy (Flavorwire)

CIA Prank (Blame It On The Voices)

Evolution of the F1 Car (Vimeo)

The Moby Song (The Poke)

Loki Kitty (Neatorama)

July 4th

World's Largest Coffee Bean Mosaic (Bored Panda)

12 Rude Cats Who Ruined Dinner (Buzzfeed)

Celebrate The 4th Of July By Shooting Computers (YouTube)

Meet Brad Pitt's Brother (Time)

The Bands That Make You Undateable (Flavorwire)

July 3rd

Awesome Crane Publicity Stunt (Gizmodo)

Iconic Images Recreated With Star Wars Images (Boing Boing)

The Real Citizenship Test (The Real Citizenship Test)

What Fireworks Look Like From Above (Buzzfeed)

Bulldogs Play Tether Ball (The Daily What)

July 2nd

The French Horn Urinals (Laughing Squid)

Test Your Age Using Guitar Riffs (TYWKIWDBI)

Giant Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop (YouTube)

On-Air Freudian Slip (The Daily What)

Babysitting Done Wrong (Geeks Are Sexy)

June 29th

Scientific Hangover Cure (YouTube)

Bacon For Your Toaster (Neatorama)

The Suicidal Raccoon (Buzzfeed)

Newcastle Invaded By Wheelie Bins (The Poke)

Entertaining Grammar Freakout (Mac World)

June 28th

The night sky (Vimeo)

Monopoly: The Godfather Edition (

Sci-fi scenes in LEGO (Flickr)

Pizza tossing like a pro (Buzzfeed)

Donkey Kong meets with his agent (Dorkly)

June 27th

Surreal Illusions Painted On Face And Hands (Design Boom)

What Britain used to look like from the air (BBC)

Super Mario 3D Chalk Art (YouTube)

Dolphins Being Chased By Killer Whales (Digital Journal)

22 Gifs To Make You Hungry (Twisted Sifter)

June 26th

Van Gogh With Dominoes (Laughing Squid)

Robot Football (Slate V)

Every Item Inside the Time Capsule Nickelodeon Buried in 1992 (Mental Floss)

How To Walk Your Human - For Cats (Buzzfeed)

The Ice Cube Vest (Gizmodo)

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