This website will anonymously tell your boss to f*** off

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Gary Ogden
This website will let you anonymously tell your boss to 'f*ck off'

Sometimes, just sometimes it would be nice to, you know, tell your boss to ‘fuck off’. No, don’t make me do another TPS report, fuck off. Actually, I’d rather not fill out another spreadsheet, fuck off. Erm, keeping guard while you go to the toilet was not in my job description, fuck off.

Thing is, doing that nearly always leads to a sacking. Telling your boss to fuck off = not working there anymore.

But what if there was a way to do it without them finding out it was you? Like an anonymous email service, or something? Chuck in your boss’ email address, and seconds later he’s being told to fuck off? You’ve got away with it, and in a extremely passive-aggressive manner, have ‘stuck it to the man’. Hope you’re happy with yourself, Tommy Turncoat.

In case you were wondering, it’ll look a little something like this:

This website will tell your boss to anonymously F off

Simple, to the point, I like it.

The bods behind the project (who, like you, will remain anonymous) said:

“We had over 9,000 users on the first day, and the service has been in continual use since we first launched.

“We’ve had a few emails asking us to disclose who sent the emails (all offering thousands of pounds - which is astonishing).

“We’ve refused every single one as the service is completely anonymous (in fact we couldn’t disclose the information even if we wanted to. Not that we would).”

So yeah, if you fancy chucking a nice little reminder to your boss next time he makes you make him a coffee without giving you a tenner to cover labour costs, then head on over to the most Ronseal of all websites: and get cussing.

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