Here's how to get free ice cream today with Uber

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UberEATS knows where it's at. 

To help promote its new food delivery app, the on-demand taxi service is giving away free ice cream to 17 cities around the UK. 

Here's how to get your free stuff.

  • Here's how to get free ice cream today with Uber

    How to get ice cream outside London

    Do you live in...

    • Manchester
    • Leeds
    • Birmingham
    • Newcastle
    • Sheffield
    • Bristol
    • Merseyside
    • Glasgow
    • Edinburgh
    • Nottingham
    • Portsmouth
    • Leicester
    • Belfast
    • Cardiff
    • Southampton
    • Windsor

    Then between 11am and 7pm today you're going to want to open up your Uber app and request 'ICE CREAM' by sliding your car selector (at the bottom of the app) to a picture of an ice cream. 

    Now, Uber isn't promising everyone will get an ice cream - stating that "if your request is successful ice cream will be delivered in minutes". You'll get four of them.

    Also, it's an ice lolly, not an ice cream. The scamps. 

  • Here's how to get free ice cream today with Uber 1

    If you live in London

    Londoners will be able to get their ice cream via the new UberEATS app. 

    First, download the app (you can find it here).

    Set your location and search 'ICE CREAM'. Between 11am – 7pm, you might be lucky enough to find one of the UberEATS bikes nearby, who'll deliver you some free ice cream. You'll get four of them.

    Happy Friday.


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