Never endure a traffic jam again with this SUV that can drive over other cars

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Dave Fawbert

Snoop and Dre thought they’d nailed the SUV back in 1999 didn’t they? Yeah, look at us with our bouncing hummers, this is as good as it’s ever gonna get.


But sorry lads, your motors look rubbish compared to this bad boy.

This is a video of the Hum Rider, built by Thinkmodo to promote Verizon’s Hum, which is apparently a system of a "dongle that plugs into the OBD port on any car made after 1996 and a Bluetooth speaker. It adds diagnostics, road-side assistance, location and speed tracking and geo-fencing."

What this has to do with an awesome SUV that can extend its wheels so much that the body lifts up and over a line of cars stuck in a traffic jam, we have no idea, but thanks for building this anyway.

Just look how amazed this old guy is:

He is probably thinking to himself: “Damn, I really thought SUV technology had peaked with the video to Dre and Snoop’s era-defining banger ‘Still D.R.E’, but no, these motherfuckers have seriously upped the game with this shit.”

YouTuber Haydrean pours cold water all over our dreams of getting one of these and using it on the M25 during Monday morning rush hour, informing us:

We bet you’re a right laugh at parties Haydrean.