Here’s how to get two months of Spotify Premium for free

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Here's how to get 2 months of free Premium Spotify

It’s safe to say that Spotify has revolutionised the way we listen to music.

Beginning life as a startup in Stockholm back in 2008, it led the way in developing the streaming market, and remains the biggest player in the field, even since the mighty Apple belatedly made its move with Apple Music just over two years ago.

As people have moved from buying physical products - and even away from individual digital tracks - it’s managed to change the way the charts are compiled, the way records are released and even, with playlist culture becoming the norm, threatened to make the album a thing of the past.

But forget all that, what’s not to love a service where you can simply think “I want to listen to ‘Fastlove’ by George Michael right now” and then, five seconds later, there it is, pumping out of your stereo while you slink around your front room recreating the video.

And now they’ve announced a deal which, frankly, is a total giveaway.

Spotify iPhone

“What’s my favourite Beatles playlist? I’d have to say ‘The Best of the Beatles’”

It’s a new yearly Premium subscription - the snappily-titled ‘Spotify Yearly’ - and it means paying £99 up front for a year’s worth of access. Now, the eagle-eyed amongst you will note that that means you’re basically getting 12 months for the price of ten. Which is bang right.

And the best bit? It’s not one of those new-subscriber-only things, so if you’re an existing premium user, you can simply sign up to the deal and then, at the end of your year, you’ll revert to your previous monthly subscription at the then-current price.

It’s only available until 31 December, so head here to take advantage.

And what do you get on Premium? Well, you get access to certain new albums which are kept exclusively for Premium customers, you can download stuff to listen to offline, you can listen to albums in order rather than on shuffle and, of course, you get rid of those pesky adverts. It’s a bit of a vibe-killer at your party when you get an advert for life insurance in between George Michael jams. 

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