Someone's made an image of Mario without his moustache and people are freaking out

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Super Mario

You can’t unsee this, and it’s deeply unsettling

It’s happened before and we haven’t enjoyed it. Not one bit.

Famous tache-laded faces that have built their legend on having some prominent top lip fur who then, for whatever reason, decide to take shave it off.

Graham Gooch, Mark Lawrenson, David Seaman purely in the sporting arena. It was a shock when all of them lost their magnificent moustaches; at least Merv Hughes has still got his, or we really would be into the last days of Rome.

But nothing prepared us for this. Arguably one of the most iconic tache-wearers in history.

Step forward Mario ‘Mario’ Mario (yes, his first name and surname are both Mario, look it up).

This, of course, is what the famous plumber looks like:

Someone's made an image of Mario without his moustache and people are freaking out

But Twitter user @november17, for reasons known only to themselves, decided to image a tacheless Mario.

This, dear friends, is the horrifying result of this needless barber/barbarism.

It’s just so very, very wrong isn’t it?

And we weren’t the only ones to think that.

Really @november17, you should have thought longer before unleashing this on the world; after all, Nintendo fans are still getting over this cataclysmic shock to the system:

The only appropriate course of action is that suggested by Shea Serrano.

See you on the streets people, this madness must end.

(Images: Nintendo)


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