Here's what Donald Trump had to say in his Reddit AMA

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David Cornish

"Why do you have tiny hands?"

"What does 'Make America great again' actually mean?"

"Is your hair real?"

Just some of the questions we imagine were removed in Donald Trump's first 'Ask Me Anything' session

With Hillary Clinton's circus in full swing at the Democratic National Convention, Trump - en route to a rally in Toledo, Ohio, sat down with a laptop to answer questions from the great and good of the Reddit community (heavily vetted by the discussions moderates, who appeared to embrace the act of deleting comments and questions with genuine pride).

Here's what the next potential US president had to say for himself...

Well we know he loves Twitter

Two out of five ain't bad

The greatest issues

Tough question...

Poor Bernie

Go Reagan

Seriously, when are we going to get to the good stuff?

Boo Hillary etc

Sounds amazing

Is that her new first name?