Someone made a portable N64 and it's 100% awesome


Back in 2014, we shared you a homemade portable N64.

It was chunky, cumbersome, but indisputably brilliant, resulting in us digging out our old N64 for a blast of Mario Kart to help cure our throbbing nostalgia.

You can imagine the envious groan that went up upon discovering that Zachariah Cruse had built an even better one.


Created using an old N64 console, a cannibalised in-car 3.5-inch monitor and a mountain of patience and experience, Cruse has named this portable marvel the Grape64. 

Cruse isn't proposing to put his creation up for sale (understandably) - but he has shared extensive build instructions on his website. You'll need a basic understanding of electronics and soldering, and if it's your first build, he warns your case might end up looking quite as polished as his. Cruse put the Grape64 together back in 2011, but only recently shared the build with the world of Imgur.

Right, that's our new hobby for 2016 sorted. Does anyone have a soldering iron we could borrow?

(Images: Zachariah Cruse)


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