You’re going to want this Walnut Game Boy


You can keep your HD games consoles, virtual reality worlds and 4K screens - all we want for Christmas is a pocket full of walnut and pixels.

Or rather, one of these: a Pixel Vision retro console.

The handmade creation of Love Hultén, the Pixel Vision is a pocket-sized emulator. Loosely based on the Game Boy Advance SP (the folding one), it measures 95x95x45mm - so it's not quite pocket sized.

Capable of holding some 10,000 retro games (downloadable from various emulator sites via its USB port), the Pixel Vision arrives with three of its own 'home-brewed' games. Along with its old school 3.5inch LCD screen, it features mod-cons such as a rechargeable battery - so no more frantic scrambling to beat the final boss before your AAs wear out.

Limited to 500 units, you can put in an order via the Pixel Vision Kickstarter page for around £300

And if the pocket version doesn't quite do it for you, you could shell out for the Vision's equally gorgeous R-Kaid-R wooden brother.