You can throw meatballs around in this IKEA VR kitchen game

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David Cornish

We didn't think the future would be like this. 

It's impressive, it's just not very... well, see for yourself.

IKEA has made a full blown virtual reality 'experience' for the new HTC Vive: a 3D kitchen environment that allows you to walk around and tweak aspects of its design. 

The blurb for the game is top level, tongue-in-cheek brilliance: "Instantly change the look and feel of the kitchen by selecting a different material finish. Explore the kitchen from a child’s point of view or as a tall person. Find the drawers that can be opened. Pick up a frying pan and place it on the stove. Recycle the vegetable skins in the waste sorting station. Try our “teleport” function."

And if that didn't have you itching at the alan key, a recent update even allows you to throw Swedish meatballs around.

We can't wait to see the sequel, Flatpack Madness 3000: The Competitive Self-Assembly Simulator.


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