You can take a virtual reality tour of The Shining hotel and it's terrifying


"Hotel caretaker simulator" is hardly the most tantalising of video game offerings. Changing virtual sheets? Sorting out the mess in room 32? We'll stick to making our own beds, thanks.

But The Caretaker isn't set in any old crummy motel. 

The creation of games group Franbo, this is a chilling virtual reality experience for the Oculus Rift, set in the vacant halls of the Overlook Hotel - the setting of Stephen King's The Shining, and Stanley Kubric's masterful film adaptation. 


"You're the new caretaker at The Overview; chosen to single handedly look after this remote hotel throughout the icy winter months," explains the game's description. "We join you on your first day of complete isolation; waking up late following the end of season staff party. You are high in the mountains and cut off from the world by the onset of the first snowstorms of winter. It's time to leave your room and make your first check of the deserted hotel."

You can download The Caretaker here, but you're going to want an Oculus Rift headset to make the most of the experience/ruining your trousers and desk chair.