The Xbox One S laptop is now a thing

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David Cornish

The Xbox One S has only just toddled into the gaming arena, and someone's already given it a thorough reworking. 

It's just brilliant

It's just brilliant

Veteran console modifier Eddie Zarick has torn apart Microsoft's new slim-line, 4K console, to create the XBook One S: the entire console, power system, ports'n'all, with its own 19-inch HD screen. 

We want it...

We want it...

Two speakers adorn the front of the XBook, while an additional switch allows you to choose between using the XBook's own screen, or a video output should you wish to plug it into a larger telly. Plug in the power supply, turn on the screen and you're good to game.'ll cost you though

It doesn't come cheap: Zarick will build an XBook One S for you for $1,495 (£1,152 plus postage) for a 500GB hard drive version, while a 1TB hard drive will set you back $1,545 (£1,190). That's around £900 more than the current cheapest Xbox One offer - but just look at it. 

(Images: Eddie Zarick)


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