Windows 95 working on a 3DS looks really weird

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David Cornish

The jovial jingle of Windows 95 will forever be associated with giant grey computer cases, flickering monitors and the nervous sweat of rebooting after a 'blue screen of death' threatens to have deleted all your work - memories that will clash with this remarkable build by hardware tweaker Shuterbug2000.

The contributor recently posted a working build of Microsoft's 20-year-old (shudder) operating system running on a Nintendo 3DS XL - an achievement as immediately impressive as it is totally pointless.

Created with the emulator software DOSbox, the 3DS' touchscreen isn't capable of interacting with the operating system, so it can't open a Word document or start flinging cards around in Solitaire. But look at it. It's so... weird? 

Hats off to you, Shutterbug2000. Next up, how about running Windows 2000 on a TomTom SatNav?


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