Watch every single 'Fatality' from the Mortal Kombat series


There's no sweeter sound in the entire gaming canon: the rapid tap of buttons accompanied by the exuberant cry...


During its 22-year history, the Mortal Kombat series has pulled out every stop (and spine) to maintain its reputation as the bloodiest of arcade experiences - a staggering achievement considering that over 20 individual titles have required each member in its rostra of combatants to have at least one bone-shattering finishing move.

It's a feat YouTube channel IZUNIY is only too aware of, having spent a terrifying number of hours to compile an exhaustive video of every fatality move from every game in the series.

Yep. An hour and 44 minutes of decapitation, strangulation and impalings for you to enjoy. You weirdo. 


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