Watch: Reporter caught catching Pokemon during US State briefing about ISIS


Not one of us can blame him. Sure, "Reporter caught trying to catch Pokemon during US State briefing about ISIS" sounds bad on paper, but think about it. He has to catch 'em all.

US State Department spokesman John Kirby was holding a press conference about combating ISIS when he stopped to call out of reporter in the crowd.

"You are playing the Pokémon thing right there, aren't you?" 

So much wrong with this. Firstly "the Pokémon thing" is an unfathomably filthy act of disrespect to the greatest game of our times. Secondly, what was the reporter trying to catch? We need to know. Our opinion of him varies greatly depending on whether it was a lowly Zubat or a mighty Dratini. 

Anyway we've all learnt something here, haven't we? Something. Definitely something. Not sure what. But definitely something.

Brb, just seen a Blastoise. 


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