This video shows how 'Mario Kart 64' players exploit the game's glitches to claim world records

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Matt Tate

We don’t want to alarm you, but it’s been 20 entire years since the UK release of Mario Kart 64

It was the game that pulled Nintendo’s iconic racer into the 3D realm and the first to feature four-player split-screen. 64 also introduced one of the most controversial power-ups in gaming history: that bastard blue shell. It remains for many – mostly those who have fond memories of beating Gary, who you were only friends with because of your mums, on his own N64 after school, wrecking him with banana after banana, chuckling as he skidded into oblivion yet again on Rainbow Road – the pinnacle of the long-running series.

But as you moved on, graduating to Double Dash and the pot-luck carnage of Mario Kart Wii, a small group of hardcore players kept playing, uncovering glitches that enabled them to speedrun the time trial mode in pursuit of world records. That community has remained active for years. 

This comprehensive video, from YouTuber Summoning Salt, goes into detail on how these elite speedrunners exploit the game’s broken code. Cheating at its very best. 


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