This video game had a secret three year legal battle over one word

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David Cornish

In the silliest of silly legal stories to emerge in 2016, this easily takes the high score.

No Man's Sky - the much hyped video game set to arrive 9 August that allows players to explore 18 quintillion planets aboard your very own spaceship - is going to be allowed to be called No Man's Sky

Why wouldn't it, you ask? Because Sky - the telly bunch with all the football and impressive Q service - had made a legal claim on the word "Sky" that put No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games through three years of legal battles. 

Hello Games founder Sean Murray recently took to Twitter to vent his frustrations after the secretive case was finally settled. 

We didn't realise you could own a word...

Turns out they weren't the first to feel the brunt of "Sky" ownership

Silver lining?

No Man's Sky arrives on PC and PlayStation 4 on 9 August

[Via: VG247]