This trailer teases our VR entertainment future

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David Cornish

Virtual reality is set to go big in 2016.

Google has been pushing out its Cardboard headset, while the high-end thrills of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are now landing on doorsteps.

But what can you actually do with them? 

That's what Valve is eager to show off: using HTC Vive's room-filling tech, Valve's new line-up of VR games take place in a virtual 'stage' in your home - allowing you to duck behind cover, take command of space ships or just wander around a virtual garden.

VR is going to be huge. While this trailer provides a tease of just what the tech can do, the hype won't really make sense until you attach it to your face - which, as you can see below, is already happening.