This Star Wars VR game is the most awesome thing in the galaxy

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David Cornish

Admit it. There's been a point in your life when you grasped a broom handle/pipe/anything remotely cylindrical, checked to see if no one was around before promptly dancing around the room making "Vvvvzzzzzzwwwwwrrrrruuuummmmm-KTSCH!" lightsaber noises. 

If you find yourself still doing it, Industrial Light and Magic has got quite the treat for you. The studio behind every special effect in the Star Wars universe has released its first VR experience today - Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine - and it heralds the start of a whole new galaxy of VR experiences from Lucasfilm.

The Trials game, released today for free on the HTC Vive, sees you wander around the sands of Tatooine, interacting with R2-D2 and wielding your own lightsaber. LucasFilm is apparently so satisfied with it that's set to start work on a canonical Darth Vader narrative experience. 

We can't wait to turn to the dark side.


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