This Game Boy can play any retro Nintendo title

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David Cornish

Fetch a bib. The following Game Boy hack is going to have you dribbling all over your keyboard.

The creation of Wermy, a DIY god amongst "Which is the neutral wire?" men, this is the Game Boy Zero: a heavily modified original Game Boy that can play any vintage Nintendo game. Yep, even Battle Toads.

Game Boy

The new brains of the Boy come from a  Raspberry Pi Zero - a tiny computer Wermy managed to fit inside the old case. Games are still run from 'cartridges', but not the old grey bullets of yesteryear. Games are now loaded by SD card, formatted to run on the new Pi computer. 

In addition to playing Game Boy titles, an additional two buttons let Wermy play any SNES games. 

Now for the bad news - Wermy isn't planning on selling it, and he's yet to provide build instructions on making your own.

If you need us, we'll be at the local car boot sale digging about for an original Game Boy with a working Start button...

Game Boy


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