This app will turn you into a Pokémon GO master

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Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was (so long as your battery and data allowance hold out?).

Then you need to download Poke Radar - the new community-driven map service that will help you find those illusive Pokémon you're yet to add to your 'dex. 

  • This app will turn you into a Pokémon GO master

    How does Poke Radar work?

    The app relies on the 'power of the crowd': when you spot a Pokémon, you fire up the Poke Radar app and drop a pin on your location, adding the name of the Pokémon. 


  • This app will turn you into a Pokémon GO master 1

    You'll be doing the Poke-community a favour

    Other users will then be able to log on to the 'radar' and see what Pokémon have been found in the region.

    There's even a filter function that allows you to narrow down your search to a particular creature - useful if you're eager to land that Abra you've been looking for. 

    Users can also 'rate' pins: if it turns out there really is a Raichu chilling out at your local park, you can confirm it with an up vote. If the user was telling a big fat fib, you can down vote.

  • This app will turn you into a Pokémon GO master 2

    But it's not perfect

    There are some issues with Poke Radar - the most significant of which is that users can't tag their level along with their Pokémon sighting. If you're a level six, no matter how much you walk around a Charizard spot, it won't appear for you. 

    The app is also proving so popular that it's experiencing some issues with traffic. Give it a few weeks though, and this could be key to your Pokémon success.

    Coming soon to Android, you can download it for iOS here and view the web version here


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