They're actually going to make Tetris: The Movie

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What the HELL is going on?

Last week, Atari announced it was set to partner with EFO films to turn 8-bit classics Missile Command and Centipede into feature length films. Oh how we chuckled. How could they possibly squeeze a plot out of high score-chasing video games with no discernible story? Wry smiles on our lips, we set about writing this tongue-burrowing-through-cheek article, imagining seven other classic games you could beat a film out of if you tried really hard. 

Now imagine our confusion upon hearing that America-based Threshold Entertainment Group and China’s Seven Star Works are set to partner to produce a Tetris film. With a budget of $80 million. 

While we joked of a Tetris film about hackers and Russians, the producers of the genuine project Bruno Wu and Larry Kasanoff (also the producer responsible for that awful Mortal Kombat film) describe their vision as an "epic sci-fi thriller".

Oh, and it's a trilogy

Kasanoff told Deadline that the film is "not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise". 

Well that's reassuring, Kasanoff. Because at the moment all we can think of is giant blocks falling slowly out of the sky as the citizens of Earth attempt to find other blocks that tessellate in a pleasing, accurate fashion. 

We'll bring you updates on Tetris: The Movie as and when they crawl their way down our screens. Here's hoping Jesse Eisenberg lands the lead...

[Via: Deadline]


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