There's a secret hidden message in your Nintendo Switch Pro controller

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Gary Ogden

Have you got yourself a Nintendo Switch yet? Hope so, because where else are you going to play a game where the aim is to shave your imaginary beard off most efficiently? Yes, it’s full of very silly games, but let’s not cuss it out too much, because it also packs in a load of other properly good, fun “real” games. Especially if you’ve got a Switch Pro controller, Nintendo’s fancy schmancy add-on.

But it’s all well and good you having a cool new controller to take down the discotheque, but what happens if it doesn’t have any secret messages hidden inside its casing? Well, you end up becoming a laughing stock, that’s what. Luckily, the Switch Pro does have a secret hidden message. Phew!

To find it, simply tilt the controller forward, pull the right analogue stick down, press it in and peer into the tiny abyss. There you shall find a cute little message from Nintendo, reading “THX2 ALLGAMEFANS!” How lovely.

Here’s a little video that explains it in a visual medium, which is probably more suited to 2017 seeing as nobody reads anything anymore:

It's worth spending £60 on one of these just for that, really.


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