12 retro games missing from Nintendo's mini NES

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David Cornish


You wait years for Nintendo to release a good console, then they go and announce a smaller version of a grey box you bought in the mid eighties - and you still want it.

While we've already placed our pre-order for the Nintendo Mini Classic (£49.99), we do have one bone to pick with Nintendo: the list of 30 pre-installed NES games certainly contain some classics, but they're missing the following gems. Sure, there might be some legal issues over content ownership that need working out - but that's what lawyers are for, right?

Have a browse through the titles we're hoping Nintendo makes available in the near future...

Micro Machines


Captain Skyhawk

Blaster Master


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Spy Hunter

Batman: The Video Game

Super Dodge Ball

Dragon Warrior III



Yes, we'll buy the Zapper if we must...


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