The Nintendo NES Classic Edition trailer will fill you with nostalgic joy

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David Cornish

Do you remember the Eighties?

Not, "Have you been to an Eighties themed party lately?" As in, do actual experiences of a decade that ended some 26 years ago still drift around in the depths of your memory?

If not, the following advert probably won't be able to entrance you, causing your hand to grab uncontrollably for your wallet and produce all your cash and cards in return for a slice of your childhood. 

If you do remember the Eighties - well then, prepare for Nintendo to make off with your bank balance.

Right, now you're under Nintendo's spell, you'll probably want to know that the NES Classic Edition is currently available for pre-order for £49.99, while an additional controller will set you back £7.99.

No, you don't need it. You've already completed most of those games already. But by gum, if there isn't something deeply enticing about doing it all over again... in HD.


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