The latest Final Fantasy XV trailer looks incredible

Posted by
David Cornish

Big swords? Check. Bigger hair? Check. The biggest boss battles you've ever witnessed? You bet.

What we have here is most definitely a Final Fantasy game - and the fifteenth title is pushing its distinctive flavour of gaming to bold, bonkers new levels.

You play Crown Prince Noctis, heir to a fallen thrown who must form a band of warriors to journey with him across the expansive world of Eos and restore the Kingdom of Lucis. Which involves driving around in a sweet convertible and smiting massive monsters. We don't really get it either, but it looks great.  

A feast of FF news accompanies the new trailer: the launch date for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has finally been confirmed for 30 September, Florence & The Machine have been announced as having a song in the soundtrack (see the video below) and there's a free playable demo called Platinum, which sees you play a younger Noctis, battling demons in his dreams. 

Grab a cup of something and watch all the extras below.