The coolest retro consoles money can buy

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They don't make video games like they used to. That's not a supposed to be a judgement on new games - it's just that they literally don't make video games like they used to. 

With Nintendo whipping the internet into a frenzy with the announcement of a new Mini NES console, complete with 30 classic titles built in, it's clear there's a good deal of nostalgic love lingering for games of old. If you can't wait until November to snap up Nintendo's new NES, how about trying some of these new retro consoles that are already available?

  • The coolest retro consoles money can buy

    Retron 5

    Price: £129.99

    Console: NES, SNES, GameBoy, GameBoy Colour, GameBoy Advance, Sega Mega Drive

    Games: While the Retron 5 doesn't have any games built-in, it can play pretty much any old-school video game cartridge you have lying about your loft with up-scaled graphics.

  • The coolest retro consoles money can buy 1

    Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega

    Price: £78.99

    Console: A modernised Sinclair ZX Spectrum

    Games: 1,000 pre-installed, with potential for extras to be added via the micro SD Card.

  • The coolest retro consoles money can buy 2

    Sega Arcade Ultimate Portable Player

    Price: £48.99

    Console: Sega Mega Drive

    Games: 80 built in, including Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2Mortal Kombat and Streets of Rage.

  • The coolest retro consoles money can buy 3

    Sega Mega Drive Classic

    Price: £49.99

    Console: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

    Games: 80 built-in (including all the Golden Axe and Streets of War games) and compatible with original Mega Drive cartridges.

  • The coolest retro consoles money can buy 4

    Eagle Box

    Price: £79.99

    Console: All the old consoles ever

    Games: An Android-powered magic box, in addition to running smart TV apps like YouTube and Netflix, the Eagle Box is capable of running the games of pretty much every console made before the year 2000. You just have to upload them yourself.

  • The coolest retro consoles money can buy 5

    Analogue 24K Gold

    Price: $4,999 (£3,742 - but it's sold out at present)

    Console: NES and SNES

    Games: Following up from the Analogue group's amazing aluminium Nintendo throwback, the 24K Gold unit was brought out to celebrate the Legend of Zelda's 30th anniversary - shipping with the original game in gold. It played Nintendo cartridges in the most lavish style we've ever witnessed. 

  • The coolest retro consoles money can buy 6

    Nintendo Classic Mini

    Price: £49.99

    Console: NES

    Games: 30 built-in. There's something about this official retro redesign that's just that little bit more authentic than those others in this list. You'll have to wait until 11 November before you can get your thumbs on it thought. 


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