We really want someone to make this 8-bit Last Jedi game

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Matt Tate

If I, a millennial man born in 1991, know anything, it’s that I love pop culture-related tributes to a bygone era I didn’t really experience. 

And so this, an 8-bit-erised trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, is bang up my street. Jokes aside, it really is rather lovely. Artist John Stratman’s latest video in JoBlo’s 8-Bit Trailers series (although this one is more 16-bit of we’re getting technical) reimagines the upcoming film as a side-scrolling action/adventure game with a glorious chiptune soundtrack. 

Granted, the drama is somewhat diminished when its communicated to you through text bubbles, but you games. Try and tell me that a little pixellated Luke Skywalker teaching Rey the ways of the Jedi doesn’t fill your nostalgia-hungry heart with relentless joy. 


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