Man gets developers to propose to girlfriend using Spider-Man game, splits up with her before it comes out

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Sometimes you plan something perfectly. And then it all goes wrong

Proposing, eh? What a laugh it must be, to do that. To come up with a good way of doing it, and then actually do it, and then the other person saying yes - what a fun old time of things. 

And hey, if you and your girlfriend like Spider-Man, and are both looking forward to playing his latest game on the PS4 (which is dangerously great, btw), then why not try and propose to her, using the actual game?

This is what a fan named Tyler Schultz did, by contacting the makers of Marvel’s Spider-Man with a little request:


Not sure how she didn’t see that, but still, Insomniac Games - the good and helpful lot that they are - went through with the request:

Resulting in this wondrous easter egg:

Only thing is, a few weeks before the game was due to come out, they… split up. 

And now she’s… dating his brother.

Tyler made a vlog addressing the situation, which he’s now deleted, but he at least seems to be taking it in good humour - in a response to art director Jacinda Chew asking if he wanted it removed in a patch, he said:

Although according to Kotaku, he appears to have changed his mind and wants to include a reference to his late grandmother instead, who gave him his first Spider-Man comic when he was younger. Which is nice.

So, not exactly how things were meant to pan out, but at least he’s got a funny story out of it. And his brother’s got a girlfriend.

So… every cloud?

(Image: Tyler Schultz/Sony)