Someone's worked out how to play Skyrim with a potato

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David Cornish

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is the sort of game that grabs a load of superlatives by the scruff of the vowel and gives them a liberal beating.

It's a glorious, fantastical, magnificent, singularly brilliant achievement, seated at the head of the role playing game table. You get the idea. 

What it doesn't need is to be made any more challenging - yet one gamer by the name of Robotater has decided to add a hitherto unexplored element of difficulty, by playing the game using only a potato for a controller.

Why? Why the hell not.

Using a potato, a Makey Makey circuit board kit and some wires, Robotater constructed the spud equivalent of a keyboard and set about tackling the dragon-filled world of Skyrim. You can find out how he made the 'tater controller right here, and watch it in action below.

We'll just stick to trying it with the difficulty cranked all the way up...