Someone modified a real gun to look like a Nintendo Duck Hunt zapper

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David Cornish

A British car with solar-powered brakes. A shark cage made out of jelly beans. This thing.

All incredibly unsafe ideas - but that hasn't stopped Texas-based Precision Syndicate LLC from going ahead and pimping a Gloch to look like a Nintendo light gun.

A custom build, the 'Nintendo Glock' takes its aesthetic cues from the NES Zapper - a light gun released in 1985 for use with classic titles including Duck Hunt and Wild Gunman.

We get it. In a nation in which gun ownership is legal, the ability to customise your 'piece' makes total sense. If you grew up taking down ducks on your TV with Nintendo's grey shooter, it's pretty cool to have matured to the point of being able to buy a 'real' version of it.

But making a gun look like a toy by printing 'Nintendo' down the side of it? We're not alone in thinking that's a grade 10 stupid idea, as many of the commentors on the Precision Syndicate Facebook site are quick to point out. 

A cool tool or a dangerous idea - let us know your thoughts below.

[Via: Mashable]


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