Someone has already completed Dark Souls 3 in under two hours

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David Cornish

Well, that was quick.

Dark Souls 3, the third and final instalment of FromSoftware's brutally difficult, fantastical action role-playing series, has yet to arrive on these shores (12 April, but you knew that) - but Japanese gamers have had it for a week.

They've wasted no time in getting to grips with the Gothic horrors lurking within - with an unlikely speed record already being recorded by life-long Souls fan Jung Ho Min. He's toppled the final boss in a staggering 1:42:10.

We got to play a near-final build of the game a month before it's launch, and in four hours of button fumbling we only managed to slog three bosses. 

We bow before your light, Ho Min. Expect that time to tumble as soon as the wider community learn a new shortcut...


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