Your all-time favourite mobile game is back with an augmented reality twist

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Nokia have relaunched the classic game Snake but now you can play it using Facebook’s augmented reality technology 

I’m pretty sure that, like me, you spent an embarrassing amount of your childhood glued to a tiny Nokia screen desperately scrambling your thumbs over a keyboard playing the classic game Snake.

The soaring highs of a winning-streak and the crushing lows of eating your own rear-end were a sacred rite of passage for any late 90s/early 00s youth.


And you’ll soon be able to relive those glory days with the announcement that Nokia are bringing the classic game back - but with an augmented reality twist.

The addictive premise of the game remains the same but players can now be the apple-munching snakes using Facebook’s AR technology.

The new Snake Mask uses the front-facing camera of Nokia smartphones running Android to allow players to turn themselves into the iconic Snake character, reacting to the motion of the player’s face.

Players will also be able to stream any footage of them playing the game on their timeline.

Nokia teamed up with YouTuber Matt Keck, the man behind the viral ‘I’m a Snake’ clip from a few years back, to test out the game:

Here’s how to play the AR Snake:

1. Open the Facebook app
2. Click the camera Icon top left to open Facebook Camera
3. Scroll to the Snake Mask
4. Start playing
5. Waste the next 500 hours of your life

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