This Science Kombat video game is the most fun you can have with scientists

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David Cornish

You're about to spend the better part of the next hour comparing the scientific merits of Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Alan Turing.

Well, sort of. 

We're not about to recommend you dig through their most famed research papers in order to weigh up their individual achievements - we're going to tell you to smash your keyboard in an effort to break all of Isaac Newton's teeth in the epic online game, Science Kombat.

The pixelated creation of Fred Di Giacomo and Otavio Cohen, this scientist v scientist combat game is a work of art: each character has been given their own special move relating to their field of research, animated with satisfying 'old school' aesthetics.

You can either engage in a single game or a tournament, with an additional character to unlock. 

Currently a web game you can play here, the developers are also looking to turn the experience into an app.

If you need us, we'll be working on timing our Stephen Hawking black hole combo finisher...


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